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If you’re on the search for the best car garbage can, you’re bound to run into this model by Idefair. Although it was not our top pick, it is a great choice for a car trash bag because of its storage pockets, waterproof interior, and the fact that it also doubles as a cooler. Easily keep your car clean (or food cold) with this vehicle trash can & cooler!

Why We Like It – Car Trash Can Waterproof Leakproof

This waterproof car trash can from Idefair is a great way to prevent trash and clutter from ruining your car’s interior. This leak proof & waterproof car trash bin even doubles as a travel cooler and will keep food & drinks cold for hours due to its thermal insulated liner.

  • Can Attach To Your Center Console, Headrest, Or Sit In Your Back Seat
  • Has Side Pockets
  • Doubles As A Cooler
  • Doesn’t Include Disposable Trash Bags
  • Unspecified Gallon Capacity
  • Not Foldable


Unlike many of the best car trash cans out there, such as the EPAuto Waterproof Car Garbage Can, the Idefair model doubles as a cooler. Keep your vehicle clean and drinks cold with this portable car trash can. This garbage bin is both leak proof and waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about spills ruining your car. The top closes and zips, so you can take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach with your trash. Plus, the mesh pockets on the side mean you can also easily keep track of small items you don’t want to lose.


This car garbage can stores car trash, cools drinks, and even can hold small items on the side. This storage bag is great in many aspects, but unlike the KMMOTORS Jopps Comfortable Original Wastebasket, it cannot be folded, which may make storage an issue when it’s not in use. Also, you will need a garbage bag liner (or 20) when using this product, since it doesn’t come with any. It only comes in black, so you will have to look elsewhere for multi-colored car trash cans.


At less than $12, this product is priced similarly to the best car trash cans. Unlike many other trash cans, it doubles as a cooler, which makes the price seem even better! Unfortunately, unlike our choice for the best car garbage can, this product doesn’t come with liners. If included trash bag liners are a necessity for you, purchase the Drive Auto Products Car Garbage Can instead. But if that’s not a dealbreaker, then you will definitely be happy with this cheap, multi-purpose trash & storage can.

Car Trash Can Waterproof Leakproof Wrap Up

Enjoy the drive – auto trips don’t have to be filled with clutter and trash! Don’t settle for less. Take the high road when it comes to trash and clutter storage in your car. While the Idefair may not be the best car garbage can out there, despite lacking internal liners or being compactable, it still is a great purchase if you want something that can store trash, toys, and keep drinks cold.

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