Some people have bad breath and don’t even realize it. It’s sad to know that they don’t care about their oral health or really about other people. Then there are those who are obsessed with having good breath and are always popping gum, breath mints and other things to make sure that their breath doesn’t smell. Well, the new Indigogo campaign for the Breathometer Mint will help users determine if they have bad breath, in addition to providing them information on their hydration level. If you’re more in the market for a breathalyzer, you might want to read our Breathometer Breeze Breathalyzer review.

Importance Of Oral Care and Staying Hydrated

Oral health can provide insight into your overall health. Not many know that problems in their mouth can actually affect the rest of their body. Good oral care and dental hygiene can actually help reduce bath breath, gum disease and tooth decay. A healthy mouth means a healthy body. And to stay healthy, one has to stay hydrated. Water is the key to life since it benefits our bodies in so many ways – it eliminates toxic substances in our bodies, produces digestive enzymes, maintains healthy skin and so much more. The Breathometer Mint was created with these two things in mind so that users can be aware of bad breath and of dehydration.

Easy To Use

Breathometer Mint

To use the world’s first portable breath quality and hydration level detection device, just place it in your mouth, let it automatically draw a sample of air, then within a matter of seconds the accompanying app on your phone will let you know your hydration level and quality of breath. It measures breath quality by measuring your Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSCs) that are created by anaerobic bacteria biofilms inside your mouth, which is what causes bad breath. For hydration, the device measures the moisture level of your mucus membrane in your mouth.

The Breatometer App

Breathometer Mint

The Breathometer app works with iPhone 5 and up, as well as select Android smartphones. The app will track activity for both your breath and hydration, which can then be exported for sharing with doctors and dentists. It’ll make recommendations so that you achieve hydration and breath quality goals, as well as offering reward programs for consistently achieving optimal breath and hydration levels.

Stop worrying about your breath and get the Breatometer Mint for $89 on Indiegogo.

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  1. What a fantastic product! I can hardly wait until it is launched. As Director of the National Breath Center, and having cured over 7000 people in the last 22 years, I can truly say that this product will be a great addition to the oral health care market. Imagine having a meeting with your boss in 15 minutes. You take out your Breathometer Mint and check your breath. Ooops. High score. Good news: you have time to take care of your problem. And who wants to go out on a date with someone who has stinky breath? Just a couple minutes and you not only find out how bad your breath is, but what to do about it.I plan on giving one to each of my patients so they can monitor their breath any time during the day. Way to go!
    Richard A Miller DDS

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