Robot Valet

Parking turns out to be one of the main problems many people come across when they have to go to an airport, either to pick someone up, or when they are travelling to another city or country. However, that’s not the case for travellers at the Duesseldort Airport, Germany, where the task is handled by a valet parking robot. The folks at the Duesseldort Airport calls it Ray, who can park the car at any designated parking spot.

An airport spokesperson said travellers can book the robot via a smartphone app. After booking all you have to do is park it at the designated area, and make sure that you don’t leave any of your personal belongings in the car. Now, Ray will park your car to any of the 249 designated parking spots reserved just for Robots.

It seems the Robot will be able to handle simply any car that doesn’t weigh more than three metric tons — I guess a majority of cars are included in this limit. Not so fast as services like these may not come at a cheap price. It will cost your 29 euros (almost $39) each day, so yes, you’ll have to shell out some cash. But, look at the bright side, its saves your precious time, especially when you’re getting late for a flight.

Hammad Saleem

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