There’s definitely something sinister about the way Panasonic is trying to promote its new console by going on MTV with it just hours after its initial announcement, and having Fantasy Factory host Rob Dyrdek promise to write a jingle about the device.

Why sinister? Because the sole purpose of “The Jungle” – that’s the name of the console – is to allow you to play MMORPGs anywhere you are. Nay, scratch that, we’re all well aware of the depths of deviousness to which these unholy games will sink to keep us addicted, so it’s safe to say the purpose of “The Jungle” is to invade your life by force and make you play MMORPGs.

And to give you the first taste of crack, err.. I mean Jungle, Panasonic is creating a web show called Online Underground and a Battlestar Galactica themed MMORPG for the device.

While fans of the television series flock to preorder the console, we can tell you it features a “super high-resolution display”, a touch sensitive d-pad and console buttons, full QWERTY keyboard, and it will be running Linux. On the port side, there’s mini HDMI, micro USB and a 3.5mm audio jack.

The Jungle isn’t stylish, but it’s not ugly either. Its color is more rubberized black than console black, and the device seems a little on the rugged and bulky side – close to what one would imagine a MMORPG box-of-death would look like.