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The Dell P2419H is a promising choice when you’re searching for the best 24 inch monitor. It offers you to experience your best viewing angle thanks to it’s in Plane Switching Technology, which allows you to see vibrant colors from no matter where you’re sitting in the room. The sleek, thin design gives you optimal workspace. The flicker free, full HD screen has a comfort view, which reduces harmful blue light emissions, allowing extended viewing.

Why We Like It – Dell P2419H

With the Dell P2419H, you can expect maximum productivity in your office space thanks to this monitor’s compact design and small footprint. Even though it has an impressive large screen, this monitor frees up valuable desk space. Vibrant colors and impressive contrast ratio provides a crisp, bright picture. A high-speed display and response time eliminates almost all possibilities of lagging.

  • Pivot control and use with other monitors
  • Small footprint
  • Compact
  • No build in speakers
  • Resolution limited at 1080p


With an 8ms response time and a speed of 60hz, the Dell P2419H’s picture is sharp and quick, eliminating lagging and pixelated images. With a 1000:1 contrast and a comfort view displayport cable, this monitor allows extended periods of viewing time. The three sided ultrathin bezel design allows you to view your content across multiple monitors. And the plane switching technology helps bring out the vibrant colors from multiple viewing angles.The flicker free screen, with comfort view, reduces harmful blue light emissions, which makes it very easy on the eyes.


Saving workspace is what this Dell P2419H boasts. The small and thin monitor base frees up valuable desk space. Despite this being a larger monitor, the screen is impressively lightweight and can be moved easily from one station to another, much like the ASUS VA24EHE Monitor 1920×1080 D Sub. The ultrathin bezel feature is designed for the screen to be combined with multiple monitors to help increase productivity by up to 18%. No internal speakers.


The price is middle of the road, compared to other 24 inch monitors like the Acer R240HY. You surely are paying for not only the quality of the picture and the fast refresh rate, you’re also paying for all the work space and time saved due to its design. The monitor is energy star certified and you’ll save some money on power consumption.

Dell P2419H Wrap Up

The Dell P2419H is going to give you a fast moving, nice looking picture that is easy to look at for hours at a time. The ultrathin bezel design is a nice touch, giving you multiple viewing angles from anywhere in your room. Unlike other modules like the LG 24M47VQ, this monitor does not have internal speakers. To make up for it, the flicker free screen helps reduce blue light emissions also giving your eyes more comfort. If you want a quality screen that allows uninterrupted views of multiple monitors, this one is worth the price.

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