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Gadget Review brings you expert Laptop Computer Reviews on your favorite brands of laptops, such as Toshiba, Asus, Dell, Acer, and Samsung. Our laptop reviews written by in-house experts will help you when shopping for laptops, whether you are looking for the best ultrabook or latest chromebook.

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Laptops have evolved considerably since they first arrived on the scene in the early 70s. Today, laptops include subclasses such as laplets, netbooks, and rugged laptops for college. Of the big players, Apple laptops that include the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are powered by the latest Intel processors and feature an all-day battery. HP laptops are known for quality audio and the range in looks and configurations that you can choose from. Asus laptops offer some of the best value-for-money notebooks in the market. Which features in a laptop do you value the most – processing power, screen clarity, portability, customization, game-worthy graphics, or operating system? Read our unbiased notebook reviews and comparisons; you can treat them as buying guides that will inform you on the best laptop model for your need and the online stores that stock them. Laptop Computer Reviews on Gadget Review track the newest models, covering the range of budget notebooks to powerful gaming laptops.