If you grew up playing video games, you likely have fond memories of playing on an arcade cabinet. But no matter how much you may love them, there’s not a lot of room in most homes to keep every arcade game you love. Fortunately, if you want to revisit your youth, or just play video games as they meant to be played, you’ve got a new space-saving option in The Polycade.


Don’t think you’re getting just an emulator in a box, though. To start with, the Polycade comes with a professional grade cabinet, designed by carpenters, machined by robots, and carefully painted and assembled to allow you to add graphics, swap out panels, and otherwise customize it to your heart’s content. Speaking of which, you can also customize the controls; in addition to shipping with two fighter-style sticks, you’ll also be able to get a traditional four-way stick for games like Pac-Man and a trackball for classics like Arkanoid. Nor will you be limited entirely to arcade classics; they’ve tested the hardware with multiple retro systems, right up to the more popular 16-bit consoles, and thus you’ll be able to play games the way they were meant to. Well, standing up, at least. Hey, it’s more intense for your body than sitting on the couch.


The Polycade, mounted on the wall and saving space.
The Polycade, mounted and shut down.

Classic arcade gaming is a lot of fun, but packing it into a space smaller than, say, a minimall retail condominium, can be tricky. The Polycade keeps the feeling of gaming in a blacklit space full of techno music, but makes it something you can actually enjoy without having to hunt for quarters. Or, for that matter, deal with the stoner out front hitting you up for said quarters. And it’s preserving a lot of gaming history, into the bargain.

Christen Costa

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