Who needs the best printers when we have our iPhone?

Prynt is an iPhone and Android case with a twist: It also includes a mini instant photo printer on the back, allowing you to snap a picture and then print out a little Polaroid-like photo of it to share. It does this without the need for any external power source or ink, using ink-embedded photo paper instead. So whether you are looking for the best printer for Chromebook or for your phone; we have you everything covered. Now you can finally stop buying so much of best printer paper!

Of course, with social sharing just a few screen taps away, this printing feature seems more of an arts-and-crafts device than anything else. Maybe you can also take a selfie with your grandma and print out a photo for her to keep. Otherwise, Prynt’s usefulness may feel a little limited…if it wasn’t for the app and its extra, incredible feature. ,

You see, there’s a reason that Prynt has achieved well over 5x its Kickstarter goal: Those printed photos aren’t just picture: They can also act as digital tags that can automatically show video using the augmented reality feature of the Prynt app. Could it be the best photo printer in your pocket?


It works like this: Take a picture, making sure the record function is on – this will both make a snapshot and record a brief video of whatever antics you want. Print the photo and put it down, then bring up the AR portion of the app and look at the photo through your phone’s camera lens. The app will then load and play the video over the photo image, making it look like the photo has come alive. You can’t do that even with the best printer ink.

It’s a feature that will instantly be loved by Harry Potter fans and adopted by scrapbooking clubs across the country…as long as Prynt can deliver on its promises. The team is still working on the app portion of the camera printer case, and hopes to have it ready by the summer of 2015. Visit the Kickstarter page to learn more and choose a pledge amount if want to get discounts or preorder the device.

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