How to Hook Up Fax Machine With Cable Modem

Updated: Feb 11, 2024 5:06 PM
how to hook up fax machine with cable modem guide

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Difficulty Easy
Steps 3
Time Required < 5 minutes
Tools Needed Modem, Telephone Cable (RJ11)

The best printers often do much more than simply ink words onto a page. Printers now handle many tasks, like scanning, faxing, and copying. But for these functions to work, it requires the right setup. Below, we’ll focus on the faxing elements as we explain how to hook up a fax machine with a cable modem.

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How to Connect an All-In-One Printer/Fax to a Modem

All-in-one printer connected to wall's phone jack.

Connecting to your cable modem is very easy, whether using an all-in-one device or having a traditional fax machine. All you need is a telephone cable and modem, and you’re set.

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STEP 1 Determine What Type of Phone Cord Is Needed

Most of the time, any phone cable will work, especially with modern devices. However, some need a cable with a specific number of pins. To figure this out, check your user manual.

STEP 2 Set Up Printer/Fax Hardware

printer/fax connected to a phone to wall's phone jack.
  1. Plug in your machine’s power cord.
  2. Plug the telephone cable into the modem where it says “Phone Line 1.”
  3. Then run another telephone cable into the wall’s phone jack.
  4. Then take the telephone cord and plug it into the “Line” plug.
    • Don’t plug the cord into the “Ext” jack. There will also likely be a USB port for connecting the printer and scanner.

STEP 3 Set Up Telephone and Answering Machine (If Desired)

If there’s a telephone you would like to connect to, take another telephone cable and put it into the extension jack. Then, plug the other end of the cord into the answering machine’s “Ext” jack. Then take another telephone cord and plug it into the phone.


If you notice no dial tone on your fax machine, this could indicate a connectivity issue. Ensure that your connections are secure and your modem settings are correct. When experiencing issues like your printer skipping lines or printing faded text, it might be time to disable printer color management or check your ink levels.

If your printer requires more power, it’s essential to know how many amps a printer uses to avoid overloading circuits. When your printer stops responding or prints poorly, you might need to disassemble your printer for a thorough cleaning or maintenance check.

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