Repair Wireless Printing on an All-In-One Printer

Updated: Feb 14, 2024 4:26 PM


Connectivity issues are a modern struggle, even if you know how to reset a printer. But it’s a struggle nonetheless. And no gadget is above the fray, even (and, sometimes, especially) the best printers. Today, the market’s best all-in-one printers all come with the option to connect to Wi-Fi networks, which is fantastic. But this also means you must know what to do when that connection fails you. If your connection is causing you pain, have no fear because below, we’ve cooked up a guide on how to repair wireless printing on an all-in-one printer.


  • Always check to ensure your computer and printer are on the same wireless network.
  • Check your wireless router to ensure that the internet source is not the cause of the problem.
  • Sometimes, connection failure occurs because the printer needs driver and software updates.

How to Repair Wireless Printing on an All-In-One Printer

Wireless printer repair can be a blast; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. However, when it comes to fixing wireless connections, there are a few key troubleshooting areas to focus on that help pinpoint where the failure comes from.

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Sometimes what you think is a wireless connection issue isn’t at all. Always check for paper jams. Also, check the paper tray to ensure you haven’t run out of paper.

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So, enough jabber! Let’s get on with it.

Check Your Internet Router

The first place anyone with wireless printer issues should look isn’t their printer but their connection. Go to your router and see that the power cord is plugged in and functioning. Then, use other devices to test the connection and confirm that the internet works.

Restart Your Printer

Unplug your printer and let it rest for about five minutes, especially if you just gave it a software update. Sometimes the print jobs won’t go through until you’ve restarted the machine after updating. After it’s rested, plug it back in to see if that fixes anything.


After updating the driver or OS, you may need to reestablish the printer as your computer’s default printer.

Check Your Printer’s Wi-Fi Connection

Ensure that both your printer and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network. Go into your printer’s wireless settings to check your network and connection status.

Check Computer’s Device Settings

Go into your computer’s control panel and then into device settings. Locate the printer list and ensure that your computer’s default printer is the right model. You should also check to ensure that the printer drivers are updated to the latest version.

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If you update the driver and your print job still doesn’t go through, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the driver.

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