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While having the best radar detector with Laser Jammer may not be the first thing on your mind when you’re out on the road, there are many reasons why investing in a jammer like the K40 Defuser Optix may be the defining factor that drastically decreases the number of times the police pulls you over for speeding.

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Why We Like It – K40 Defuser Optix

The K40 Defuser Optix is a high performance laser jammer that can shield you from radar detection. It will be difficult for the police to catch you using this device because it automatically shuts off after jamming radars so you can remain undetected. The K40 can sustain a whopping 5 transponder heads to provide powerful jamming capabilities.

  • Pulse transmit will keep the laser jamming hidden from police
  • Can support up to 5 transponder heads
  • n/a
  • Expensive


The K40 Laser Defuser Optix has a slim compact footprint that you add onto the grill on your car. These devices are small and blend perfectly into your vehicle. The module has a USB port that you use to keep your device updated. You can set up a maximum of 5 transponders so you can have the best chance at jamming the radars that come your way. Once you encounter radar, you have a couple of options; the detector can jam the police laser gun for the entire encounter, you can do a pulse transmit which transmits a signal to the radar gun, then shuts off so police do not suspect their signal is being jammed, or you can have it set to receive only mode which serves for notification purposes only.


The K40 electronics laser jammers will cloak your vehicle as soon as it is hit by a radar. It has long range detection which will be useful by giving you sufficient time to lower your speed to normal levels. If you would like to see what some of the competition offers, you may want to check out the Adaptiv TPX.


To make sure that your remote radar jammer can function as it should, you can either go through the installation on your own and thoroughly follow the steps or hire a professional to get it taken care of. K40 electronics is so confident in their products, that they are willing to cover any tickets you receive during your first year of use.

Ease of Use

These laser diffusers are somewhat of a challenge to install since you will have to run through some wiring to have the compact footprints run through to the control module on the inside of the car. Once you have completed the installation and have established a connection with the vehicle sync interface, you are bound for jamming some lasers in your path. If you want to check out other brands of laser defusers, feel free to learn about The Blinder HP-905.


While this may be a significant investment, the K40 Defuser will return the favor to you by moving you past radar guns and to your destination. When you have the ability to hide your speed on the fast lane, it will be difficult for an officer to pin a speeding ticket on you. Even if it fails during the first year, the K40 company will still cover your ticket, and you can rest assured that any updates available will only make your laser radar jammer more capable of fighting off newer radar guns. If you are still not convinced, it may be time to try another product like the Escort Max Ci 360.

K40 Defuser Optix Wrap Up

The K40 Defuser Optix is a great device that can jam both the old and new radar guns so your speed is hidden from the police. It has a sleek design that will blend well with your vehicle, and once it detects radar it goes through several motions to ensure that it jams the signals and keeps your car’s speed undetected.

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