Did the Fleeca Bank Heist not challenge you? Or did the Prison Break Heist not pay well enough for your sights of grandeur? Welcome to the third Grand Theft Auto Online Heist where you will be sneakily replacing an SUV, stealing a high-tech jet, and survive the most difficult stealth mission GTA Online Heists has to offer. If you need to make some cash to pay for this heist visit our Cash and Rep Guide.

Humane Labs Raid

Get ready for some big-time crime! This third Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Heist has you steal from a aircraft carrier, sneak into a secret facility and full-on siege a heavily armed science lab. If you haven’t beaten the Fleeca Bank and Prison Bank you cannot host this heist. Visit our previous guides for the walkthroughs and useful tips!

Key Codes

What starts as a quick mission to pick up some keycards quickly turns into a big firefight. There are four roles; Lookout North, Lookout South, Buyer, and Bodyguard. Lookouts should bring heavy sniper rifles while the buyer and bodyguard should bring heavy armor and assault weapons.

Drive together to the designated location then split up to your waypoints.

The lady with the suitcase will have your key cards, don’t leave that parking lot without them.

A cutscene will play when the seller arrives. After the cinematic, the fighting starts right away. Keep the cops off while replenishing armor, health, and ammo. Once clear, grab the suitcase and fight off the newly spawned wave of enemies. Get yourself free from the cops through fighting then drive to the waypoint while your passengers shoot any tailing enemies. Drop off the cards for payment and a mission complete.


This is a wild, dangerous mission to steal two Insurgent SUVs and escape from a private military base.

This Insurgent is your heavily armored, weaponized best friend in GTA Online Heists.

Bring any armored car you have, we have a GTA Online Hist guide(link to 1st article) with recommendations, and head to the destination. You will meet a heavily guarded military base but just run through the gate, head up the hill and do some sniping. The bottom of the hill will have the cars and a few guards. Clear it out then head down and steal the SUVs once the area is clear. Before you leave the quarry use the rocket launcher to shoot down the spawning helicopters.

One Insurgent without a mounted gun should lead the drive home. The weaponized SUV should follow and shoot down any harassing enemies.

If you made the drive back you just need to clear out any enemies and you have completed the mission!


Time to up your game to stealing jets and breaking into aircraft carriers.

While the last Grand Theft Auto Online Heist mission had you stealing a car, this one ups the ante. You need to grab an EMP that waits in a jet, that waits on a aircraft carrier in the ocean.

Start the mission by driving to the awaiting boat, then take that boat to the aircraft carrier. Go to the rear of the carrier to find the entrance. Take stairs to enter the carrier and prepare to fight a lot of enemies, use cover and keep your armor full. You will fight through the hanger and midsection of the carrier until you reach the flight deck where your target waits.

Get your best pilot in the Hydra while the rest head to the surrounding Lazer planes. Take off right away and get ready to protect the Hydra. Enemy jets will fly in and try to shoot down the Hydra, when they do, get behind them for a quick missile lock .

Once clear of enemies, land the Hydra at the designated waypoint for a complete Grand Theft Auto Online Heist mission. You now also have the VTOL Hydra for the free mode in Grand Theft Auto Online.

This Hydra is one mean little bird to use in Los Santos.


Now that we have the jet and the cars, it’s time to round out the team with an attack helicopter.

Start the mission and travel to the military base. When you get close, travel up the mountain and snipe guards for an easier time. Then break through the gate and shoot down the enemy helicopter once it spawns.

Get inside the base and find the submarine hanger. Get inside, stay in cover, clear guards, and slowly move up. When you reach The Valkyrie it will hold your entire team. Just let your best pilot get in first, then best gunner, and everyone else after that. Once you get the bird in the air, enemy Buzzards will be all over you. You have three weapons, however, two miniguns on the side and a lock on missile current in the front. To quickly cut through enemies, keep them in front of the helicopter with all guns plugging away at it.

The Valkyrie hosts two mini guns and a homing rocket launcher. Say hi to your neighbors like this guy.

Once you have cleared the skies, head to the drop off for a mission completion.

Deliver EMP

This is a highly-coordinated, highly-difficult stealth mission where you must use silenced weapons to sneak your EMP-equipped Insurgent into a science lab. When preplanning this mission be sure to have everyone equip a silenced sniper rifle and a microphone. Voice chat is highly useful in this Grand Theft Auto Online Heist mission.

It is recommended to follow a veteran player of this mission. If that is not possible, read this thorough guide or watch a video walkthrough alongside our guide.

Once you start the mission, drive safely to the Insurgent to avoid any police attention. Then drive the insurgent to the Humane Labs. Before you reach the lab your phone will be updated to use the cameras inside the base. Do a scan over the base and start making your way inside.

Snipe as guards as possible while avoiding their blue sightlines, which you can see on your mini-map. Set up shots with your teammates to take guards at the same time if they are standing close to each other.

Snipe guards like this with a partner or the alarm will go off!


Hack this door when the base is cleared of enemies!

Once you have cleared the way to the garage, have one player hack the garage door while another goes back for the Insurgent.When the door is open park your Insurgent inside and hop in any other vehicle to leave. All you have to do now is quietly drive home to complete the mission. Congrats you have finished one of the harder Grand Theft Auto Online Heists Missions.



This Finale is simple compared to the Grand Theft Auto Online Prison Break Heist Finale. Two players will stay in a helicopter while a ground team breaks into a science lab. Heavy armor isn’t recommended for the ground team, they do more running than fighting, but should bring heavy explosives.

The mission starts out with a quick drive to your Valkyrie. Take the helicopter to the drop zone and hover while the EMP goes off. Your ground team will parachute to the lab while the helicopter will destroy any enemy helicopters and personnel.

The ground team will use night vision to get through the science labs.

As the ground team, use rocket launchers to quickly get any doors out of your way. Run through the facility, there won’t be many guards, just doors to open. Once you reach the double locked door work closely, over voice chat, with your partner to hit the buttons at the same time to open the door. Grab the documents then leave through the cooling tunnel with your rebreathers. Once you hit open water follow the waypoint to find the beach. Then use the flare gun to signal the chopper.

Once the team is back in the chopper another fleet of enemy birds will head to you, fight them off. Again, keep an enemy in front of your helicopter so every gunner can focus on it. Head to the destination to finish this mission and enjoy your cash.

Once done, you have to say goodbye to that close friend, the Valkyrie.

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