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Updated July 5, 2022
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FIFA 2010 PSP Review

As we all know, you usually get a bang for your buck when you buy a PSP game.  Not like portable games of the past, PSP games are full fledged  titles with all the trimmings of their console counterparts.

FIFA 10 for the PSP is exactly that.  A true portable sports simulation, FIFA 10 really impressed me with its array of features and reactive gameplay.  While not perfect, I really can’t think of a better soccer game for the PSP.  It has been a good year for FIFA fans. Also check our list of 10 of the Best PS4 Games In 2014


Not much has changed here and it will be instantly familiar for anyone who has ever played an EA sports game.  Typical EA sheen is deployed effortlessly here and that is never a bad thing.  One thing you will notice is that it sometimes takes a bit more time to navigate through menus and screens due to loading.  I am using a PSP from 2005 with updated firmware, so this may not be as evident for those using newer machines.

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A myriad of options and game modes are present from the start and there is literally a ton of stuff to do.  From playing Club specific challenges to the deep customization and options presented in manager mode, you will be playing this game for a very long time.

The level of immersion is well presented through accurate stadium models, play-by-play commentary, and an incredible amount of leagues and teams.  As in the console version, FIFA 10 will bewilder you with its attention to detail and finesse.  Scouting reports keep you up to date with your opposing teams tactics and star players while simultaneously teaching you some basic strategy about the upcoming game.

To say it simply, the presentation is unflinchingly awesome, especially for a PSP game.  Employing an “if it ain’t broke” type of attitude, EA has no problems maintaining a polished level of production.

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Excellent.  From on field play to cut scenes, nothing about FIFA 10 is hard on the eyes.  What you’ve come to expect out of a PSP game is evident here.  Player models are detailed an colorful, and stadium and camera angles look and feel great too.

Weather effects are fully intact and there are many times a day in which affect the lighting of the stadium.  The only thing I noticed was some slowdown that occurred when the action got hectic around the goal.  Other than that, the game performed well graphically in every other occasion.  The player substitution animations could have been faster but no big deal.



The sound in FIFA 10 is decent but not stellar.  The World Music stylings is the type of bad music that you’ll find your self humming the song you hate the most.  Pretty annoying on most counts.  The on-field and crowd noise is competent but nothing truly standout but sounds good through or without earphones.

The best part is easily the play-by-play commentary.  Robust and accurate, I didn’t notice any hitches in regards to the voice overs.  Sound in general on the PSP is one of those things that really depends where you’re using it.  If you aren’t using the earphones, the sound on the PSP is easily lost to surrounding noises.  FIFA 10 is luckily one of those games that you can play with the sound turned off.

All in all, the sound isn’t a huge driving factor in the “fun-ness” of FIFA 10 but it does add a dollop of immersion into the mix.


The selling point of FIFA 10.  It’s just a blast to play.  The control scheme is both accessible and advanced, and while it’s easy to pick up and play, learning the advanced moves and techniques will take some time.

Pitch navigation is handled through the 8-way directional player controls and felt optimal and reactive.  Sometimes passes don’t have the same accuracy time to time, but I just chalked it up to an errant pass on the players part.

The hardest thing I found in regards to the control scheme was trying to learn the special deke and footwork moves.  Exceptionally difficult.  To this day I think I only know two of them.  Many of them work like Street Fighter 2 moves, requiring up to 3 directional press in addition to pressing the left shoulder button to activate.  It’s just way too hard when coupled with dealing with defenders and pitch advancement.  Unfortunately I don’t have a solution for my gripe, but I would have been more satisfied if there were less moves that were easier to do.

Other than that, I loved the controls.  It’s great fun to play quick games on the go and the ease of overall playability will be well received by players new to the game.


Replay Value:

FIFA 10, like most other EA Sports games, has vast amounts of replay value.  Between all the game modes and the sheer amount of fun to be had trying to score awesome goals, FIFA 10 is a soccer game that you will keep you entertained long after you thought it would.

Be A Pro Mode is cool, but Manager and Season modes are better.  Online play is cool if you have a dedicated opponent and lag time and drop out wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Sports game like this don’t really require yearly patronage unless you are excessively devout, so FIFA 10 could easily last for for the next several years.  Not so good for EA’s wallet, but a testament to the quality of game they produce.

Final Endings:

If you need an easy portable sports game to get into and like soccer games in general, then FIFA 10 is your game.  Promising hours of entertaining sports gaming, FIFA 10 is well worth the asking price.  While not revolutionary in terms of portable gaming, any shortcoming is easily overlooked as soon as you hit the pitch.


  • Presentation
  • Gameplay
  • Replay Value


  • Special moves too hard to use
  • Frame rate drops and slow down

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