If you’ve been itching for another post-apocalyptic game or yearning for a new RPG from top-notch company Bethesda, you probably already have your eye on Fallout 4, set to be released on November 10th. If you haven’t already seen it, this 22-minute gameplay demo is a great way to get started.

Fallout has long occupied a tender spot in the heart of gaming generations, even before Bethesda picked up that particular football and ran with it. The RPG is famously hard to quantify, filled with open-world survival and exploration in a land devastated by war, stuck in a ruinous, weird version of 1950s nuclear America.

Filled with dark comedy, horror, sci-fi, and a little bit of everything else, the world has drawn gamers in for decades. Bethesda’s classic “play however you want” approach certainly hasn’t hurt, either: The wastelands have seen power suits, snipers, clubbers, computer technicians, charmers, and countless other character builds thus far, despite it being a stubbornly single-player game.


As the video shows, the jump to new consoles has significantly increased the detail in the Fallout games (although animations remain a bit jerky). The game runs on 1080p for Xbox One and PS4, and the sky’s the limit on PC. Traditional features like VATS remain intact. Also, this time around your character’s lines of dialogue will be fully voiced, a first from Bethesda that hopefully pays off, because it couldn’t have been cheap.

Also, if you tried Fallout 3 or New Vegas and found them to be arid, brown, and ultimately bleak, you may be heartened to know that Fallout 4 takes place around Boston and is noticeably brighter and more colorful than its predecessors. It’s also more focused on crafting: In addition to the maze of stats and perks that you can navigate, you can craft your own buildings and weapons (fans of Skyrim may recognize this system as being tested in Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls game a few years ago).

If you want to preorder, you can pick up the $60 game in a variety of ways. The Xbox One download is particularly worth mentioning, because it also nets you a free copy of Fallout 3 to play with.

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