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From our list of the Best Gaming Monitor, the Asus tuf vg27aq is an elite monitor for gamers of all levels. The Asus TUF gaming VG27AQ model comes with an adaptive sync technology by Nvidia which provides seamless graphics. It is a monitor that will give you the edge while competing, thanks to the extreme low motion blur technology.

Why We Like It – Asus Tuf VG27AQ

The Asus tuf vg27aq goes above and beyond to not only provide you with the best picture possible for your video games or movies but also has technology that leads to less eye fatigue. This monitor is packed with the Nvidia G sync technology so it will not have screen tears and instead provide smooth frame rates during your games.

  • It has ASUS exclusive low motion blur technology that gives you a wicked fast response time
  • Compatible with HDR for even crisper images
  • Price may be overwhelming for some


The 27” inch monitor gives you a 1ms response time which will be useful when playing games with high performance graphics. It exclusively has Asus extreme low motion blur technology, also known as elmb sync, to get rid of ghosting and other frame rate discrepancies. It will minimize your eye fatigue so you can binge on and worry less about the potential damage from staring at a screen too long. It comes with an adjustable stand that you can tilt and swivel to your liking. If you would like to see other monitors on our list, feel free to also check out the Asus pg348q monitor.

Viewing angle

This monitor has a viewing angle of 178 degrees horizontally and vertically. Its contrast ratio is 1000:1 which is okay but not as much as other competitors have reached. It has an IPS display that will provide vibrant colors to all your content even from afar. If you would like to find a monitor with a larger display, you may want to check out the Acer predator x34 monitor. There is also an ASUS exclusive shadow boost that clears up dark areas in a video game which is essential for any competitive gamer.


Monitors like this are meant to last, as long as you don’t physically harm it in any significant way it is going to work for you for a long time. If you find any defects on the device, you have a limited warranty to take care of any of those problems. Some retailers will let you add a protection plan as well, so make sure to look those up before you purchase the monitor. If you don’t think this monitor is for you, another model that you might want to check out is the Acer xr382cqk.


Included in this monitor are two HDMI ports, a single displayport, an earphone jack, a power port, and a Kensington lock slot for theft protection. This monitor is one of the few where you can actually add more screen to give yourself a wider and even more immersive experience while gaming or watching. This is a great feature that creates a better environment for gaming visuals.


For what it’s worth, this 27” inch WQHD IPS monitor is what you buy yourself if you enjoy cutting edge graphics or if you are a pro gamer and need your monitor to keep up with during intense matches. Being g sync compatible, and combining it with the low motion blur sync makes it a great monitor capable of handling the latest and greatest consoles. If you want to truly experience the game for what the developers meant it to be, the Asus VG27AQ is one monitor that will give you an immersive gameplay experience.

Asus Tuf VG27AQ Wrap Up

The Asus tuf vg27aq is a great monitor to invest in because it can work with variable refresh rates from 144hz to 165hz. If that hasn’t sold you, it also has the ability to provide HDR gaming visuals that heightens that image even more. The low motion blur sync elmb technology will provide smooth frame rates during games and the blur reduction may give you the edge in gaming you were looking for.

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