These days life moves at the speed of light. At least it feels that way, despite the fact that none of us owns a starship. You’re busy and things are not going to slow down anytime soon.  That’s why the Smart Record app was created. It is one of the most useful apps we have seen in a long time. If you want more apps for your phone, take a look at how to install free pirated apps on your iPhone without jailbreaking.  Or, if you need the fastest method for directions, you should also look at our review of Waze’s “road goodies” makes a game of GPS improvement.

Smart Record is a Smart Solution

In fact, it was created by people just like you. People who are on the go and never slow down. Professionals who don’t have time and got fed up with wasting precious time on things that can easily be done with technology. If you want help with your taxes you should also read our guide to Receiptmate makes tax prep easy. If you’re always looking for the next app, check out our review of the BarMax MBE questions app. Our DermCheck review might be useful too. So the idea of a time-saving recording app was born. One with enough features to save you time on all of those tasks that you would rather not do. If you need to check the daily weather but only have a couple of seconds, take a look at some of the best free weather apps for Android to be prepared to face your day. If you’re using this to check the weather for a concert, you may want to also look at our Pogoseat review, the app that lets you upgrade your seat with zero friction.

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The Smart Record app has call recording, to record incoming and outgoing calls, with no limit. The quality is crystal clear. This service is available worldwide and the recording is automatically downloaded into the app after the end of the call. Record as much as you want with no restrictions.

If you’re looking for machine transcription, they have you covered there too. Using the world’s latest speech-to-text technology, Smart Record gets the job done, freeing you up to do other things. Artificial Intelligence makes the transcription of audio recordings fast and affordable. The app offers free transcription of each recording’s first minute to make sure that audio quality is good. If you need to do more transcript edits, you can do that via the in-app Smart Editor.

Smart Record makes life easier

Smart Record Saves You Time

You get human transcription as well because the Smart Record app uses human talent for languages, giving you an option to have your transcript done in a word-by-word quality. They have a network of contracted and verified professionals who manually transcribe recordings to deliver thorough and well-groomed transcripts for you.

Import, export, and share with others. Smart Record lets you work across multiple devices and platforms. The team behind the app worked hard to make sure that the user experience on the app is top notch. It is designed with you in mind. Just like any of the 10 best iPad apps.

Our time is more valuable today than ever before and Smart Record helps you to reclaim some of that time when it comes to business tasks that you are better off letting technology handle. Let your smartphone handle it all. And if you own a Mac, you will also like some important apps that are featured on our review of 10 of the best free Mac apps.

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