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The best gaming headset should be streamlined and this one certainly is.

We’ve previously been fans of Sennheiser’s wireless gaming headsets, but the announcement of the new GSP 350 has us excited, even if it is a wired version. Sennheiser still knows sound, and when the time comes to update our list for the best gaming headset for xbox one 360 ps4 and pc, we’ll be taking a close look at this one. For another high quality gaming headset, you might be interested in our Astro Gaming A50 review.

The first thing we notice when looking at the 350 is that Sennheiser has updated its design to hold a bunch of allusions to older models while still being sleeker and more lightweight than usual. An interesting exception to this rule is the massive flip-up mic, which looks like it’s built to offer strong audio and resist rough-and-tumble accidents, rather than disappear into the headset. That mic can also cut out both background noise and annoying breathing sounds to help improve clariety.

Inside the ear cups, Seinnheiser is still focused on sound. Th GSP 350 is strictly a PC headset, but that does allow for some advantages, such as a dongle that can switch between Dolby surround sound and stereo sound at will. Volume controls are available on-ear, and there are some audio customization options when you download the available software, include an option to switch to an “eSports” mode for serious gaming action. There’s also an “off” mode to untweak everything and a music mode for, well, music.

GSP 350 Closeup
A lighter design certainly helps, but the old Sennheiser look is still there.

We also like the price: It turns out that when you slim down your features to only the gaming necessities and offer a wired headset instead of wireless, you can get even high-end sound for as low as $140. There’s no specific release date yet, but Sennheiser promises it will be ready soon. Oh, if the GSP 350 being a PC-only headset annoys you, it does come with the option of buying accessory cables that can fit other platforms like Mac and consoles. However, the Dolby surround sound is only available on PC, and personally we’re calling that a dealbreaker – without surround sound, the headset isn’t nearly as impressive.

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