If you are looking for the best gaming keyboard, this is a good one. Gamers don’t just buy gaming keyboards because they light up in pretty colors, although that’s always a cool bonus. Gamers buy expensive peripherals because it helps them win gaming on their gaming laptops.

The Scorpion K10 from SmartGenius is no different. It may put on a nice light show, but this keyboard is all about upping your game.

What Makes the K10 Special

This gaming keyboard has a very mechanical feel to the keys, offering quick response times. When you hit a key to perform an action in the game, you know for sure that your command was given. There’s no doubt or guessing. Another great feature is that it has a 19 anti-ghosting key design, that allows you to press any of them simultaneously for better gaming performance.

If you like to carry a plethora of weapons in-game, you’ll love having up to 12 keys for your guns, because you can customize the F1 to F12 keys for different gaming weapons.

Switch between your Ak-47 and your Uzi with one key. Or maybe you need to ditch your rifle for a survival knife. Just hit the key. You can accomplish this through the SmartGenius App.

The keyboard includes a host of smart gaming settings as well. You can save your key settings as profiles and these can be swapped out automatically. Using Genius cloud, you can get a bunch of optimized gaming settings.

The K10 Software

The K10 uses the same SmartGenius software as all other Genius products, so it won’t provide a ton of extra options, but that’s okay because you are getting a great gaming keyboard for a great price.

Like I said, it’s not about a pretty light show, but cool visuals are always nice. This keyboard comes with multi-color options and brightness modes for a wide variety of RGB effects.

The Scorpion K10 Smart Gaming Keyboard is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or later.  Naturally, you can use the K10 for non-gaming as well and it will serve as a perfectly adequate device for all of your work. I would consider this a great buy for any gamer who is just getting into buying accessories. It seems like a great first step toward more expensive options.

Conner Flynn

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