I hated math in high school, which many can relate. So I seriously wish PhotoMath was around back then to help me with all my math homework problems. Although current teachers might despise the new app that uses your phone’s camera to solve math problems, students across the globe are rejoicing that someone finally answered their math prayers! For another useful app, take a look at our review of StealthText: the self-destructing text message.

Instant Results


PhotoMath can read and solve mathematical expressions that are on your homework assignments by using your mobile phone’s camera. You just take a picture of it and it’ll solve it, educating users on how to solve even the toughest math equation (as long as it’s from middle school math since it can’t help you with trigonometry or calculus yet)! And to see how the app solved it, there’s a guide that will take you through the steps needed to solve the particular problem, and the steps are “human like” so they’ll be easy to comprehend.

Can Solve Various Math Problems


The app can help with a variety of math problems, including arithmetic expressions, fractions and decimals, powers and roots and simple linear equations. New ones are constantly being added, too!

Improved Updates

Since it was released, it’s been updated as of PhotoMatch 1.1.0 and new additions allow users to delete their scanning history to free up space for you to snap and calculate countless number problems.

Doesn’t Solve Handwritten Problems

Sadly, the app can only solve problems that are printed and can’t solve those that are handwritten. So if the teacher makes you copy them on a piece of paper, you’re out of luck and will have to solve them yourself.

The world’s first camera calculator launched on the App store earlier this month to great success, beating out the No. 1 downloaded Facebook Messenger. The app is free and won’t be available for Android until next year, which means you’ll have to borrow a friend’s iPhone to get answers for your math homework.

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