hp sp400

I don’t know if it is one of the best printers, but it is cool. What is it: A handheld scanner/printer that scans information such as a barcode, sends/receives data wirelessly, then prints a smudge-free non-toxic image. This is easy to use, and the best home scanner if all you need are printed labels. Great for shipping companies such as UPS and Fedex because it can print a label directly on the box. No paper label sticker needed. For another high-quality computer accessory, you should also check out this USB home lie detector machine you can hook up to your computer. For a completely new kind of printing, check out how inkless printing hits the consumer market.

Features: Built-in scanner, Wi-Fi, and inkjet printer

Availability: Now


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  1. How many total mobile printer/scanner units does UPS have? What haven't Fedex and DHL adopted this device? What substantial advantage does UPS see that competitors do not. What alternative techniques do competitors use?

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