Take your gaming experience to new heights with the ARAIG (As Real As It Gets) multi-sensory feedback suit that goes beyond the two-dimensional aspect of gaming and provides a totally new dimension. The new Kickstarter campaign is wearable technology that stimulates the senses where you so that you can fully feel what’s happening in the game. You’ll feel the rain on your body, rumbles of a tank and will be drowned in sensations and sounds that are occurring in your gaming world. It’s built to heighten your awareness of what’s happening within the game you are playing without limiting your mobility or use of other peripherals.

The feedback suit will stimulate your senses via its integrated surround sound, microphone and jack, and will work with all other peripherals. It allows for total mobility, requires no extra effort, and has the potential to work with other major entertainment media sources, giving gamers one hell of an experience with their favorite game. It will work at a base level for all games that already output vibration feedback and sound from the game.

The suit features three major components: the Decoder, Sim Skin (Simulated Skin) and Exoskeleton. The Decoder is a tiny data transfer device that gets the data from the game you’re playing then alters the data and sends it to the Exoskeleton so it can activate the appropriate sensory stimulation devices. Next is the Sim Skin, which is an aesthetic piece(s) that can be attached on top of the Exoskeleton to allow gamers to personalize what their ARAIG looks like. The Kickstarter donators will be able to determine the design and look of each variation. Finally, the Exoskeleton is the fundamental component of suit and has all the parts that get the necessary data from the decoder (known as the Control Centre) which activates the various sensory stimulations (known as the Nervous System). It’s all powered via a removable battery pack (aka Power Cell) attached to the Exoskeleton’s charging and power control station (aka Power Regulator). Get your ARAIG suit if you pledge $325 or more.

ASAIG Multi-Sensory Feedback Suit

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