iTunes Syncing Problems

I’m angry.  If you own an iPad and an iPhone then you know that iTunes does not play well with both devices.  After syncing my iPad with my iTunes everything seemed fine.  That is until I plugged in my iPhone.  My selected list of artists had been completely wiped.  You see I only have 16GB of storage on my iPhone and well over 40GB of music, so I have to selectively choose my fave artists, otherwise iTunes gives me a bunch of crap, least of all none of my newly purchased music, such as the Gorillaz “Plastic Beach”.   But now, when I plug in my iPhone and attempt to sync (after reselecting all my artists), iTunes says that I don’t have enough space because of the previously synced music.  Shouldn’t iTunes recognize that I’m selecting a completely new set of artists and resync from scratch, not try to pile on top the same artists that are already on my iPhone?  Furthermore, the iTunes selection process is god awful.  The two finger scrolling feature doesn’t work well within the application and the window is so gosh darn small you have to scroll down a million times before completing your selection.

Note to Apple: Fix f*cking iTunes.  It’s hands down the worst part (aside from AT&T) about the iPhone and iPad.  Please, do us all a favor and let us drag and drop music to our devices and not go through this painful, almost sodomizing like experience.