iTunes Syncing Problems

I’m angry.  If you own an iPad and an iPhone then you know that iTunes does not play well with both devices.  After syncing my iPad with my iTunes everything seemed fine.  That is until I plugged in my iPhone.  My selected list of artists had been completely wiped.  You see I only have 16GB of storage on my iPhone and well over 40GB of music, so I have to selectively choose my fave artists, otherwise iTunes gives me a bunch of crap, least of all none of my newly purchased music, such as the Gorillaz “Plastic Beach”.   But now, when I plug in my iPhone and attempt to sync (after reselecting all my artists), iTunes says that I don’t have enough space because of the previously synced music.  Shouldn’t iTunes recognize that I’m selecting a completely new set of artists and resync from scratch, not try to pile on top the same artists that are already on my iPhone?  Furthermore, the iTunes selection process is god awful.  The two finger scrolling feature doesn’t work well within the application and the window is so gosh darn small you have to scroll down a million times before completing your selection.

Note to Apple: Fix f*cking iTunes.  It’s hands down the worst part (aside from AT&T) about the iPhone and iPad.  Please, do us all a favor and let us drag and drop music to our devices and not go through this painful, almost sodomizing like experience.

Christen Costa

Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

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  1. I can’t copy music from my new computer to my iPhone 5 without erasing the iPhone completely – retarded. I’m going to be stuffed when the 10 yr old computer finally dies :(

  2. i have apples ipods and computers but run foobar on all devices. The foobar music app is incredible and worth the unformatted ease of iTunes. Foobar plays music as recoreded by the musicians and songs can be organized freely compared to itunes. Im switching to windows because itunes and apple apps are annoying and worthless, a switch for me because im an apple comp user since 1992.

  3. Why does iTUNES SUCK????? I can’t play anything I own….I can’t play my own music on all my devices…Why are they FORCING ME TO DO A TRIAL ON USING MY OWN HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE.
    DONE with APPLE

  4. my father accidentally bought iphone 6 without consulting me and now having too much confusion with itunes he sweared he will slap the itunes inventer if he appears infront him

  5. Apple / Joe Ivy sucks. I was developing SOPHISTICATED interfaces for Apple products before OSX /iOS ever became my worst nightmare. Pay, yes, for AppleCare … And what does one get in 2016 for this paid-for support? Nothing much! Most of my phone calls endlessly placed to AC never are resolved. Never. I have had enough. Apple officially now sucks. I’m buying all Microsoft products & their compatible apps from here on. Apple, wake up, you stooges. You have set back the world of consumer users (not to mention PROFESSIONAL, high-end users) and essentially condemned us to hell. No more Apple. We are going to sell our 8000+ shares of APPL stock – soon – before Apple goes down without a trace. Tout suit.

  6. The past two up dates to my itunes and my iphone have [email protected]$#%ked them both.

    Apple use to be okay now it is the lowest denominator.

    i will never purchase anythoing from Applke again and I will ban it from my company!

    Apple you suck!

  7. iTunes is truly Satanic, indisputably proving that some conspiracy theories are, in fact, valid.

  8. Yeah, it’s like Apple is not content with just letting you drag and drop music, it has to take total control of the process and make you bow down and kiss it’s iTunes feet before it mangles all your music and make it almost impossible to do anything you think would be intuitive. It’s definitely the worst situation I’ve ever had on a computer. I use a program on my Windows computers called CopyTrans Manager which is awesome! Apple should buy it and replace iTunes with it! Now if someone could make a laptop comparable to a Mac Air I’d never have anything to do with Apple again.

  9. Is there anything on planet earth that sucks more than iTunes, and the Apple fascists behind it? Not that I can tell! Apple is lucky they make a laptop unsurpassed in quality or I wouldn’t deal with the Apple fascists at all! Apple is condescending, paranoid, and lazy. I hope their stock drops to nothing.

    1. I agree… Condescending, paranoid and lazy. I agree whole-heartedly (sp?) and I was an Apple fan for 25 years, Mac support specialist too. Apple sucks now. I’m now a Windows 10 user. Switched from my highly limited (thanks Apple) to a Windows Surface Pro 3. I love it!!!! I can do everything I wanted to do on an iPad but also so much more!

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  11. the worst apps. it’s too commercial. controlling and selfish. totally unfriendly. sorry i really am sick and tired of exploring the itunes apps and library management. it really sucks………

  12. I need a new mp3 player. do you know why I will not buy an apple product? Itunes. I despise that @#[email protected]#$#% thing. I want to drag/drop my music. Why is that so hard for apple to get? Their products are always so easy to use and consumer-centric. Why do they force is to use this itunes abortion?

  13. I just bought a iphone to replace my ipod touch, I was going to pass the ipod touch for the kids, so i deleted all important information and bookmark, after i synced to itune, it erased all the bookmarks in my mac’s safari, I was hoping there was a backup copy in my iphone, but it also erased through itune wifi, before it erase anything i think it should ask me or give me an option what to do, but it didn’t.

  14. I dispise Itunes.  It’s like a virus.  If I try to copy a music disk (unrelated to Itunes) and itunes pops up it has taken over.  I like the ipod for apps but not music.  I’ve told friends and relatives not to buy me itune gift cards.  Navigating itunes is a bear.  I can’t figure why people like apple software and it’s my way or the highway.  Apple software is not intuitive,  It’s well known only to those who know it well.  I feel better for having vented, but I’d like to see itunes classified as a virus.

  15. ARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  I LOVE MY IPHONE BUT ITUNES IS DRIVING ME INSANE. I made the mistake of installing itunes on 2 computers( one was bad enough). Spent more time trying to get my music on the phone than I have used the dammed thing. 

  16. I HATE itunes.  I agree, the Sansa was so much easier … just drag and drop.  Done.  9.9 times out of 10 itunes NEVER syncs properly, so I end up with 10 songs from the same band and nothing else I selected. And I spent a long time selecting and deselecting my music only to have the above 10 songs only actually end up on my iphone.   And then it deletes other things.  I don’t know one person who likes it

  17. I used to have an iPod and used iTunes without problems until my iPod died and I bought an iPhone. Only some songs I was able to transfer over and none of my audiobooks. When I try to sync my audiobooks, iTunes wants to erase everything, music, videos, etc! Why? Why can’t I just move what I want to move? Things that I legally bought! Why do I have to erase all my music just to move audiobooks over? It wants to do the same if I select to sync apps!

  18. I do not understand how iTunes is seen as the premiere provider of mp3 content when their syncing process is the most cobbled together piece of crap I have ever seen. Drag and drop to a sidebar like Media Player or cloud storage is brilliantly simple and works like you expect every time. I love my iPod Touch but thank goodness for Pandora and Slacker and Tune-in Radio or it would be useless as a music playing device.

  19. What is wrong with a company that sells a product that prevents a consumer buying the product? Itunes has managed to create a process of presenting a product for sale whereby the consumer cannot buy it. Itunes idiot geeks have failed Business 10. Preschoolers would have done a better job. The geeks may be great in setting up the most mundane crap to purchase but follow up is sadly out of sync. Itunes you suck!
    Ph.D in Business

  20. If it wasn't for iPhoto, iTunes would be the worst piece of crap “free” software on the Mac. As everyone else has stated, synching is everything Apple criticizes Microsoft for. Welcome to the big leagues, I guess, Apple. I've owned three MacBook Pros over the past 5 or 6 years and keep coming back, because I do truly love them, but iTunes and iPhoto are frustrating terds that don't seem to ever recognize 1) what my computer has done in the past, 2) what I'm trying to do right now (which is usually, simply charging my iPod), or 3) that I've legally purchased music and simply want a tiny bit of control over it, and perhaps it not getting lost forever.

  21. agreed! syncing was a breeze back when i had my mac powerbook G4, and my click wheel ipod. u'd think that years later apple technology would have improved! instead, i loathe syncing my ipod, and only do it a once in a great while!

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  23. I spent 3 days upgrading iTunes 4.2.1 and fixing all the problems it caused to my iPad, first, all the apps, some photos, all the music and podcasts and books, all gone. Now I got the apps back, still couldn't get all my music back, only purchased music back, still figuring out how to get my other music and photos and podcasts and all the books back. I hate iTunes and the syncing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I suggest switching from iPhoto to Picasa. I don't think it will solve your photo syncing issues, but the app itself is faster, downloads photos from camera to HDD a hella a lot faster and is easier to use.

  24. I use my iPOD for audiobooks. I was given a shuffle and sufferred through an incredibly painfull interface. I requested a Creative brand MP3 plater for XMAS to replace the shuffle and my well meaning father got my an iPOD touch. I could have cried. $400 of pain. And indeed, that is what it has been. If you think iTunes is rough with music, I double dog dare you to try it with audiobooks.

    1. Same here but my TV shows on my 1st generation Apple TV that I bought I can't get back on my computer,
      Yes Apple sucks sometimes

  25. Itunes is a nitemare! I'm a pc whiz yet itunes still confuses me…I got an ipod for my old father but I regret it…the idea of an older person (over 70) figuring out itune is insane…I cant even explain what I hate about itunes, it's so awkward and different than any other mp3 player sofware, I cannot believe the clunkiness of itunes doesn't hurt Apple's bottom line! Ive been using itunes for years and still, it makes me sick whenever I have to deal with it…SYNC my a**

  26. i'm new to ipods, and got an ipod touch. what a nightmare trying to sync and select the music *i* want! some songs show up 3 times in my itunes library, even though there is only 1 copy on my pc. i have one folder on the pc named “music” that i want the ipod to sync with. stuff i do NOT want on the ipod i moved into a separate pc folder named “music to not sync”. ya think when i resync the ipod, it will remove the missing songs from the itunes lubrary? nope. even though i designated ONE folder, itunes keeps the excess. ARGGH, I HATE IT! let ME decide what i want on my ipod!

  27. Yeah Apple is very anti-piracy which is why they have not fixed this idiotic problem, and probably won't. The syncing process forces you to keep only your music on the device instead of borrowing from all your friends, which is rediculous. This is a new concept for them as well. Four years ago my old school iPod was filled with tracks from ten different people and it was all click-and-drag. The only things not allowed back them was copying from the iPod to the computer. Even more insane is the authorizeation process. You can share music copied from a CD on other computers, but songs bought from iTunes can only be shared with five other people with your authorization code! If anything this encurages piracy, right?

    1. January 25 2011 and i-Tunes still sucks. My wife upgraded from the old i-phone and it was a nightmare to deal with the music. It is beyond any sense that i-Tunes just cannot handle music like other softwares. Why is i-Tunes so asinine that it wants to list songs by Contributing Artist and not Album Artist? For eg., I have an album of Paul van Dyk that has many artists contributing to the songs. i-Tunes separated every song by individual artists instead of the album artist. So, if I now want to play the ripped disc, I have to search for each song. I want to rip and play the music the way I want because I paid for the disc – why dont you get it Apple? Why does the world need to work like you think?

  28. I bought a new iPod, and I am bloody sick and tired of the way iTunes works! Simply adding and removing music has been a damn nightmare!
    What kind of option is “Deleting all my existing music and video” in order to sync with it?????
    Is their program so weak it can't even figure out my existing song files??
    Why is it even necessary to “SYNC” to iTunes? All my other drag and drop programs or devices do not require this. Let me decide what I want to share with iTunes!
    Other programs and devices work just fine, and are less controlling!
    I can't even create and use my own ringtones?????
    This is a straight up DICTATORSHIP program! I'm going back to my Motorola V3 and Media Monkey!

    1. Itunes is a nitemare! I'm a pc whiz yet itunes still confuses me…I got an ipod for my old father but I regret it…the idea of an older person (over 70) figuring out itune is insane…I cant even explain what I hate about itunes, it's so awkward and different than any other mp3 player sofware, I cannot believe the clunkiness of itunes doesn't hurt Apple's bottom line! Ive been using itunes for years and still, it makes me sick whenever I have to deal with it…SYNC my a**

  29. I used the Apple iPod Nano happily with iTunes for about 6 years. Then I lost it. I replaced it with the Apple 8Gb iPod Touch. The sync with iTunes is worthless and aggravating. Luckily I had purchased the iPod from Costco. They guarantee satisfaction for 90 days on their electronics. So I returned the iPod. Apple seems to be intentionally making 8Gb obselete when it is plenty with a good interface. There were only 2Gb on my Nano and it worked fine. The iTunes sync with the iPod, as described above and by other commenters, is ridiculous. BEWARE – STAY AWAY FROM THE IPOD TOUCH IF YOU WANT TO USE IT FOR MUSIC. Happily there are other options out there and I just went straight to buying a Google's HTC Droid Incredible smartphone. I'll be able to play music on that just fine.

  30. I once took 5-6 mp3s from a CD, and spent almost 2 hours getting them to Sync to my iTouch. (Such a difficult thing, you know? Putting mp3s onto an mp3 player?) I love the iTouch, and don't understand how iTunes could have been created by the same people.

  31. Amen. The syncing process is absolutely ridiculous. Not to mention that if you have more than one computer, and by chance, have different music on both machines, it will try to sync and delete the music that was placed on your iPod by the first computer before uploading seperate music from the second computer. Retarded. iTunes is a giant FAIL for Apple. If my 32 gig iPod Touch wasn't free, I would still be using my 4 gig Sansa, it was 10x simpler and no converting files or retarded syncning process. Just drag and drop, why cant Apple adopt this idea?

  32. I feel your pain, have sat here for the last 2 hours trying to get Itunes to let me put music on my iphone. It is just idiotic how the process is. Between the stupid syncing process, no flash allowed, all teh limitations they have on what you can do anyway with it and the crappy ATT service, it is almost tempting to pay the price to break the contract and get a Droid. If only I had known then what I know now.

    1. The early termination fee is about to go from $175 to $300…I think. But I believe anyone before the change is grandfathered in. If not, and they change the contract on us you can opt out of your contract early, regardless of what it is, without any penalties. Even a change in text messaging cost is grounds for a break.

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