Well it’s hardly practical for those with fingers of the movie-food variety. Clumsy butter-fingers or not this completely transparent cell phone is like a working prop plucked from Tinsel Town’s next big sci-fi blockbuster. The Taiwanese arm of U.S. Polytron Technologies are the proud engineers of this bold leap in mobile technology. The phone is made of conductive glass that has been “toughened” to prevent the obvious and the inevitable.  More importantly, it effectively works like your garden variety smartphone.

Amazingly, the phone is 25% lighter than the iPhone 5 despite a 4.3 inch display (iPhone 5 is 4.0). The transparent phone is only touch-friendly on the front for intuitive use. However, images can be displayed on both the front and back of the phone. The working prototype being shown right now has no visible wires and any non-transparent components have been moved to the bottom of the phone along the edge of the glass to keep a consistent transparent appeal.

While still in the testing phase, again a working prototype was shown and the company has received orders for some degree of mass production within the year. But the battery hurdle looms still. It is the only component that cannot be made transparent. So the company is actively working to circumvent this. If I were a betting man I would put a c-note on the electromagnetic magic of inductive charging or “wireless charging” as it’s more commonly known. With full transparency as their goal (sorry couldn’t resist), the company would still need to make the phone’s secondary coil–common for inductive charging–also transparent. An included protective charging case is yet another option.

After 6-years of R&D, U.S. Polytron Technologies have beat all the major companies to the transparent milestone with a product that–so far–looks pretty nice with a promise to drop with a sub-iPhone 5 price tag within a year.

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