By: A. Smith

Dell plans to ship the new Mobil Workstation, called the M6400, on Oct. 22nd. This power house of a laptop starts at $2,299 and includes the Intel Q43 Express chipset with different Core 2 Duo processors configurations. The M6400 also supports up to 16GB or RAM, but currently Dell is only offering up to 4 gigs. Other offerings include a either solid state 128 gig drive or 500 gig spinners for storage. A pair of Nvidia Quadro cards are also added in either the FX2700M (512MB) or the FX 3700M (1 gig….yummy).

The M6400 measures 15.4” wide X 11” deep X 1.35” high. The 17 inch display has a max resolution of 1440X900, but there is an upgradeable version that goes to 1920X1200. Expect the normal gamut of network and interfacing options.

Official product page here

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