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Even adventure seekers and rugged enthusiasts need to keep their phones, cameras, GoPros and the like charged when out and Dark Energy’s Poseidon is the only compact portable charge up for the challenge. The military-grade and waterproof mobile batter is ultra-compact and high capacity, ready to charge anything and everything you need while you’re living life to the extreme.

Fit For A Rugged Lifestyle

 Poseidon  Poseidon

Made to be the ultimate source for mobile power and provide unparalleled durability and capacity, Poseidon stays protected thanks to patented technology that will keep it safe from water (and any other liquids) and corrosion so that you can be as rugged and extreme as you please. It features the highest rating on the IP standard, boasting an IP68 rating that allows it to be classified as waterproof and dustproof. And it also has a military-grade standard of MIL-STD 810G, which makes it shockproof, allowing you to take it anywhere you go.

Twice The Charge

The rugged charger features a dual0USB output system so that you can easily charge two different devices at the same time and with the same charging speed. This translates to the quickest charge for all of your USB-powered devices!

Packed With Power

Its 8000mAh of power can charge an average smartphone 3-5 times to full capacity and it’s power source is equivalent to about 7 days of charge despite it’s small frame. It can easily slip into your back pocket since it’s only 5.74″ high, 3.19″ wide and just .51″ thick and weights only 8.43 ounces.

Designed To Last

 PoseidonPoseidon holds its own in the roughest terrain thanks to its durable design. It’s military-grade drop resistant, has high-impact drop resistant corners, 360-degre edge protection and has a diamond tech anti-slip grip design. It not only reforms great, but looks awesome, too! You’ll stay charged while out on any adventure you embark on.

The Kickstarter campaign is asking for pledging with $79 or more getting you either a black or while Poseidon, while $199 or more will get you the limited edition camo version.

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