Google Pixelbook Go i5 Chromebook Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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When looking for the best chromebook for artists, users probably want a laptop that provides high quality display, and the Google Pixelbook Go i5 Chromebook may be such a laptop. It also has a backlit keyboard that makes users feel like they can type at any time with how quiet it is when they type.

Why We Like It – Google Pixelbook Go i5 Chromebook

The Google Pixelbook Go i5 Chromebook has built-in security measures such as a security chip and some software that provide antivirus protection and data protection. It also has an HD touch screen, high quality dual stereo speakers, and has compatibility with Android apps that allows users to have the versatility to customize the laptop.

  • Built-in security measures
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Compatibility with Android apps
  • Not for heavy editing

Display Type

This laptop’s 13.3 inch touch screen has an IPS panel that can protect the user’s eyes by being dimmable. To combine this kind of screen with the 16 Gbs of RAM means that the screen can display its high quality visuals with a lower possibility of lag. The solid state drive is also a great addition to positively affect the laptop’s overall performance, as it helps provide the ability to open and view programs with a decent amount of speed.


The screen can display a 4K resolution at maximum, and with the right processor, those visuals are stunning to witness. The Pixelbook contains an Intel Core i5 processor, but it’s also available with the Intel Core i7 processor and the Intel Core m3 processor, which is slightly more powerful than the MediaTek MT8173C, which is the processor that the Lenovo Chromebook S330 has.

Battery Life

This laptop has a decent battery life of 12 hours before it needs to be recharged, which is more than the HP Chromebook 14’s battery life, which is 9 hours. Since it has a solid state drive, it’s easier to save power due to the lack of moving parts. To ensure that the battery lasts for as long as it can, it’s best to not push the processor or RAM too close to their limits by not keeping too many apps open.


It’s so light and easy to travel with, that’s it’s almost like carrying a tablet such as the Pixel Slate. It weighs only 2.33 Lbs., weighing slightly less than the Google Pixelbook i7, which weighs 2.45 Lbs. The lack of certain features such as a DVD/CD and a traditional hard drive help keep the laptop as light and as slim as it is while decreasing the chances of having loose parts travel within the chassis. Also, to avoid some vulnerability issues, the chassis is made of aluminum to provide protection and durability.


This assortment of ports consists of USB C, and an audio/microphone jack. Keep in mind that it only has one of each port type, and unless the user has an adapter, they can’t charge the laptop and connect devices at the same time. However, that lone USB C port still provides fast transfer speeds. There’s also Bluetooth feature, which is very useful for situations where your devices can’t connect to the port manually for whatever reason.

Google Pixelbook Go i5 Chromebook Wrap Up

Customer reviews have mostly been positive, praising this laptop for its battery life and speakers. More than one reviewer has noted that the keyboard is comfortable and quiet. Although it’s expensive because of features such as the built-in duo cam, there are lower prices offered by sellers such as Best Buy.

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