It’s happened to all of us: you’re hiking, camping or simply visiting friends in a big city when your phone dies. Sure, you could plug it into a sketchy USB port and have all your sensitive info stolen. Or you could carry one of these: the Scosche GoBat 12000.

This bad boy is ultra rugged, waterproof and spec’d to a military rating of 810G. So no matter what you throw at it you won’t have to worry. Moreover, it has 12,000mAh of juice, enough time to charge your iPhone (or Android) more than 5 times before it needs to be recharged. If your battery needs are a bit more intense, take a look at the best battery box too.


  • 12,000mAh of juice (good for up to 6 iPhone charges)
  • Waterproof, dust proof and spec’d to 810G military rating
  • Compatible with any 5-12 watt device; iPhone, Android, tablets, etc
  • Optimized charging circuitry

To enter, you must have arrived at this page by searching for “gadget review” in Google. Once you’ve done that, and you’re on this page, please leave a comment telling us why you think you’d love the SCOSCHE: goBAT 12000. Once you’ve done that, you’re in!

Note: In order to win the product giveaways, we track each entry’s IP address from your comment and verify this against our website tracking software. So please, always enter the giveaway by searching google and clicking on our brand name!

Contest Ends 4/30 at 12am PST and is applicable to residents of the USA who are 18 or older.

We’ll notify the winners here on 5/8/2017. So keep an eye on the comments and the post for an update.

Christen Costa

Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

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  1. My wife needs this because she can NOT put her phone down!!! I am tired of her telling me to hurry and plug her phone in.

  2. Everybody, I’m very sorry for the delay. We ran into some problems. However, we’ve now picked a winner and it’s…Kevin Nichol! Congrats Kevin. I’ll reach out by email to your getting your shipping info.

  3. This is just what I need to make sure I am able to receive all my orders without my losing all battery power for my phone.

  4. We love taking the motorcycles on a road trip and just pitching a tent where ever we mind end up so this would be great to have for emergencies.

  5. I like to hunt and spend all day no where near an electrical outlet. This would be awesome to have.

  6. My phone is my lifeline at work. Without my phone I can not work. This would solve my problem of extended work hours.

  7. I am outdoors most of the time. When I need power I need it NOW and I need something that can take the elements. This would do everything I need.

  8. This would be great to take on road trips to the back country for camping to keep the phones, etc. charged so we can take lots of photos.

  9. The Scosche GoBat 12000 is a boosted power for your phone and has 6 ports, ideal gadget for those over night camping holidays. We are often in the back blocks getting lost the Hyundai way. And need an extra boost.

  10. The Scosche GoBat 12000 would be perfect for my long road and camping trips as my phone doesn’t hold it’s charge nowadays, I would be able to get to my destinations by GPS without the phone dying half way through my trips

  11. These are great when you’ve lost the high wattage OEM chargers that come with the latest phones. they work great feeding these with low power inputs like an automobile built-in USB jack that trickle charges this big boy allowing quick charges while the phone is plugged into this box.

  12. I spend a lot of time going around town to school, stores, and friends’ homes… This would be a great way to have an emergency back-up source of power for my Android phone!

  13. This would be wonderful to win. I would never worry about running out of juice (haha) for my phone. I like to hike and travel around. It looks so sturdy too. (:

  14. Every time I head out, I am always checking my phone to see how much charge I have left, then I am scrambling to find the charging cable. This would be a great product for me and make charging life a lot easier.

    thanks for the chance.

  15. Living in the Pacific North West means camping and hiking is a required activity. Good thing I like it. However, I don’t like when I am trying to get the perfect shot of a waterfall and my phone dies. This would come in handy so I can get all the best shots on my adventures!

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