7 Best Patio Furniture Covers in 2023

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Updated January 24, 2023

Our top pick and the best patio furniture cover we’ve seen is the ULTCOVER Rectangular Heavy Duty Table Cover. Made from 600D woven polyester fabric, it’s waterproof and breathable and has a 100% coverage design that protects from UV rays as well as rain and high winds.

To help you find the best patio furniture cover for your outdoor furnishings, we’ve consulted experts, compared materials and specifications, and tried out the leading models. We looked for set covers and table and chair covers that were high quality, waterproof, and with a perfect fit. We especially looked for covers that could withstand strong wind and would stay in place on windy days. Keep reading to learn more about other high-quality patio furniture covers. If you spend a lot of time on your patio smoking, you might be interested in the best vapes, if you want to move away from traditional cigarettes.

Top 7 Best Patio Furniture Covers

 #1  ULTCOVER Rectangular Patio Furniture Cover


WHY WE LIKE IT: An ultra durable polyester canvas waterproof table and chair cover is a generous 90 x 64 x 28” size and fits over rectangular as well as oval patio tables and up to 6 chairs. It’s breathable and protects from rain, snow, dust, and UV light.

  • Ultra durable material that protects from sun, rain, dust
  • Secures with plastic clips and elastic drawstring snaps
  • Full coverage design covers the entire set
  • Somewhat laborious to install
  • Seams must be taped for full waterproofing
  • Awkward to fit on some square tables

This general purpose canvass cover measures 90 by 64 inches and is 28 inches tall. This makes it a good size for a patio table and chairs where the table is rectangular or oval and less than about five feet by four feet. It fits four chairs easily and up to six chairs snugly. Providing UV protection with its 100% coverage design, this is a great choice among year-round backyard furniture covers.

It also has heavy duty straps with elastic hem cord drawstrings and plastic clips that make it easy to sinch and secure it to table legs or your choice of deck fastenings so that it stays in place on windy days. When installed with the seams taped it’s fully waterproof, a feature we enjoyed. Worth noting however, is that while taping the seams is optional it’s a must for stormy weather. If you’re doing some personal landscaping, you should look at our guide to lawn/garden supplies.

 #2  Vailge Lounge Patio Furniture Covers


WHY WE LIKE IT: These large waterproof covers are great for patio chairs, outdoor lounge chairs and loveseats. They come with padded handles for easy removal and have adjustable cord lock closures with toggles for a custom fit.

  • Padded handles for removal and transport
  • 600D abrasion resistant woven fabric
  • Snug, perfect fit on large deck chairs
  • For patio chairs only and not for tables

These large heavy duty outdoor chair covers are designed to protect against wind, rain and ultraviolet light and are a great choice for convenient year round covers for outdoor seats. They fit chairs up to about 33 inches wide and work with those that have a deep seat. They have a height of 31 inches and a depth of 38 inches.

Adding to the convenience of these outdoor chair covers are padded handles for easy tightening and removal. Adjustable pull cord closure allows for a snug, custom fit and helps ensure weather tightness. The woven fabric has a high-quality feel and is abrasion resistant, waterproof and UV-stabilized. If you’re having an outdoor barbeque, you might also want to look at our guide to the best grille cleaner.

 #3  King do way Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

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WHY WE LIKE IT: This very large cover fits furniture sets such as a table and chairs, with space for up to 12 standard patio chairs. Waterproof 600D fabric affords all-weather utility, while strong elastic straps with buckles help secure it against strong wind.

  • Comes with convenient zippered storage bag
  • UV resistant and tear-resistant
  • Holds up well to rain, hail, bird droppings and dust
  • Cumbersome to use on smaller furniture sets
  • Not vented

Designed for a large patio table and up to 12 chairs, this cover helps protect your furniture set against rain, dust and sunlight. It’s made of thickened Oxford fabric with a waterproof coating and comes with elastic straps with ratcheting closure buckles to ensure a snug fit.

While you’ll still want to make sure the table and chairs are arranged so as not to leave indentations that can fill with water in heavy rain, this cover does a great job of keeping the rain, dust and bird droppings off of your outdoor table and chairs. Its large size might make it cumbersome to store, but it comes with a convenient zippered storage bag. If you’d like to have a bonfire out by your patio, you’ll also want the best log rack cover to keep your firewood dry.

 #4  Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof Patio Furniture Cover


WHY WE LIKE IT: This high-quality patio sofa cover is nearly 8 feet long and comes with click to close straps for a near custom fit and exceptional all-weather protection. It also has pre-sealed seams for complete waterproofing.

  • High quality fabric with air tight sealed seams
  • Click close straps for easy locking
  • Big enough for full size outdoor couches
  • Not shaped for a loveseat or for tables

Measuring 93 x 40 inches with a height of 35 inches, this outdoor patio furniture cover can be used on its own to cover your patio sofa or outdoor couch, and it’s also color coordinated with other patio furniture covers from Duck covers so you can match it with your furniture set.

Among the covers we’ve seen, this one is a stand out for its exceptional waterproofing, featuring factory tape sealed seams and double stitching, along with snug shock cord and click close straps for a snug, near custom fit on a variety of styles. The fabric resists moisture, abrasion and dust very well and is also treated for UV stability, so it works year round. You might also want to read our guide to the best electric lawn mower to keep your yard trimmed.

 #5  AmazonBasics 2-Seater Deep Lounge Sofa Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover


WHY WE LIKE IT: This nicely shaped woven polyester cover fits on outdoor love seats and fully protects from rain with a waterproof PVC lining.

  • Very wind-resistant thanks to click close straps
  • Interlocking seams for durability
  • Includes handles for easy removal and tightening
  • Only effective if you have a wide, deep seat lounge chair

This effective, waterproof woven polyester lounge seat cover comes with interlocking seams and handy click-close straps to make it easy to secure around any style of chair legs. A PVC undercoating adds to the waterproofing and helps ensure your outdoor loveseat or deep lounge chair stays dry even on rainy days.

The polyester fabric is abrasion resistant and easy to clean. It also comes with side handles to assist in fitment and removal. While it’s not vented, the fabric itself is somewhat breathable and thus does a good job preventing condensation and protecting outdoor loveseats from mildew in humid climates. You might also want the best cushion covers (20×20) for your patio furniture.

 #6  Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant Patio Furniture Cover


WHY WE LIKE IT: Equipped with elastic toggle and buckled straps to ensure a near custom fit on your outdoor table, this cover is among the most secure in strong winds, and also has a low, waterproof skirt that protects against splashing and snow drifts. It also has tough, plastic-lined fabric that withstands debris and heavy rain.

  • Holds up well to wind, splashes, and dust
  • Fits tables up to 72 by 44 inches
  • Comfortable padded handles and air vents
  • Not designed to cover tables and chairs at the same time

This table cover from Classic Accessories Veranda is distinguished by its low waterproof skirt that affords additional splash protection and is great for securing table legs against drifts of rain, wet leaves, slush and snow. A good choice in year round or winter patio table covers, it fits most snugly on rectangular tables around 72 x 44 inches.

While it doesn’t leave room for chairs as some set covers do, this also means you don’t get sags and indentations where water can pool or snow can build up, and may offer more high-quality weather protection for your table this way.

 #7  Modern Leisure Heavy Duty Patio Furniture Cover


WHY WE LIKE IT: This outdoor patio chair cover is a budget friendly and lightweight piece that nonetheless has high quality materials and waterproof backing to keep outdoor chairs dry year round.

  • Waterproof backing is extremely effective
  • Woven polyester top layer is easy to clean
  • Weighs just 2.5 pounds and is compact when stored
  • Specific fit to loveseats and double wide chairs
  • Tie closure less convenient than click-close straps

This outdoor loveseat cover has a plain, yet classy and unobtrusive appearance and does a fine job of keeping rain, leaves, dirt, dust and debris off of your outdoor chairs. It fits love seats up to 55 inches wide and 33 inches deep. The height is 38 inches, which is enough to cover the legs of most outdoor patio chairs.

While it lacks the convenience of click-close straps or toggles with buckles, it’s still relatively easy to secure this cover for windy days thanks to traditional tie straps. As long as you know how to tie knots, it installs quickly and easily. Speaking of convenience, if you are into vaping, check out our list of the best online vape stores.

How We Decided

In order to highlight the best in outdoor patio furniture covers, we looked for fit, ease of use, four-season utility, durability, and good waterproofing. We only selected set covers, sectional patio furniture covers, and seat covers that were weather-resistant and had an abrasion resistance rating of at least 400D.

We limited our search to waterproof patio furniture covers that offered a weather-resistant top layer and a waterproof lining or bottom layer as well. This keeps the furniture dry and makes the cover easier to dust off and clean.

We looked for year-round outdoor furniture covers that used woven polyester or another high durability, abrasion-resistant fabric, preferably with a fully watertight lining.

Equally important when choosing a year-round patio furniture cover is UV stability. Many lesser furniture coverings are made from materials that become brittle or fade when exposed to sunlight. For our list of the best patio furniture covers, we only included products that were treated for UV stability and proven to withstand year-round sunlight

To ensure a near-custom fit, we looked for patio furniture covers sized appropriately for the most common pieces of outdoor and deck furniture, including sofas, patio table and chair sets, lounge chairs and loveseat covers.

We also only chose from among outdoor furniture covers that provided a means of tightly securing the cover against high winds. Waterproof breathable patio furniture covers with structured vents were given a bonus, being inherently more wind resistant.

Best Patio Furniture Cover Buyer’s Guide

Features to Consider

  1. Material
    In general, the best material for outdoor furniture covers should be waterproof, mildew and stain-resistant and light enough so that installation isn’t a tremendous chore. We looked for abrasion resistance as well, for added durability. Woven polyester fabric with a laminate such as PVC or PVB is often used for its combination of water resistance and UV stability
  2. Closure
    For a furniture cover to be effective, it has to fit well and have a method for attaching securely to table or chair legs and/or the ground or deck. For a snug fit and convenient installation, look for click-close straps, ratcheting buckles or elastic straps with toggles. Regular tie straps, provided the ties are strong enough, work well too.
  3. UV Resistance
    If you’re using a patio furniture cover year-round, fade from sunlight can be an issue as well as moisture and wind. Look for a cover that promises UV stability.
  4. Set Cover vs Separate One Piece Covers
    If you’re looking to cover an entire outdoor furniture set, you have the option of using a set cover that goes over the patio table and chairs at the same time or using a separate table cover. Which is best depends mainly on what kind of chairs you have. There’s also somewhat of a trade-off between convenience and weather protection, with the set covers being more convenient but the once piece covers offering a more perfect fit and better protection against debris and water.

Patio Furniture Cover FAQs

How do I choose outdoor furniture covers?

To pick the best outdoor furniture cover, consider first what kind of furniture you have, then what weather conditions you’re expecting. If you’re looking for a year round loveseat cover, for example, start by measuring the chair and then look for a waterproof cover that fits snugly.

Do outdoor furniture covers work?

If secured correctly, high quality outdoor covers such as Dola patio furniture covers offer excellent protection against your furniture getting soaked in the rain or damaged by dust, dirt and fallen leaves.

What are the best covers for outdoor furniture?

In general, the best covers will be waterproof and breathable, rugged, and abrasion-resistant and have easy to use tie-down straps that offer a snug, perfect fit, though the best material for outdoor furniture covers may vary.

How do you tie down patio furniture covers?

It depends on the model. Most patio furniture covers have elastic pull closures with toggles, ties or click-close straps. If you want to try one out, you may find that at a store such as Lowe’s, patio furniture covers are on display and you can see how they are tied down.
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