6 of the Best Open World Games for the PS4

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Updated January 24, 2023

Do you have a PS3 or PS4 and are waiting for some excellent open world games that let you explore? Encounter video games on your own turns with some top-notch new releases. Here are the best new and upcoming open world games for PS3 and PS4. And if you love gaming on PS, you’ll also be interested in our review on the PS4 update 2.01, coming soon.

1. Dying Light


Dying Light comes at a slightly strange time for a zombie game, long after many have passed the zombie overload point. But don’t let the flesh-hungry enemies deter you from what is a truly one of the best open world games of this year, focused on scavenging supplies and managing day vs. night activities to help make sure you survive. Craft weapons, choose how you will play and treat the other humans you meet, and generally win at the apocalypse. This game will make you dust off your expectations of the shambling undead – in a good way. And, if you’re looking for newer experiences with your PS4, also check out the best PS4 games, 2014 edition.

You can buy Dying Light here


2. MGS V: The Phantom Pain


Every time a new Metal Gear Solid game hits the shelves, it’s a very big deal in the PlayStation universe. Phantom Pain looks like a great, gritty open world game in the series, focused more on realistic action than the over-top action sequences that the MGS series has been lost in for the past several games. However, the classic gameplay remains as you explore the game world, sneak around guards, and generally plan your attacks with a multitude of different options, from summoning a helicopter to using your own pet wolf. If you are a fan of MGS or Kojima’s work in general, don’t miss Phantom Pain! You may as well compare it to other awesome games by reading our list of the best video games of 2014, why they are special, and where you can find them for yourself or for friends.

You can buy MGS V: The Phantom Pain here


3. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor


Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor was undoubtedly one of the best open world video games of 2014, and has only gotten better with the release of new expansion material (look for a game of the year version if available). The gameplay is a refreshingly fantasy-based mix of stealth and brawl-based fighting mixed with a few magical skills, bow sniping, and rune upgrades. The enemy system, based on evolving orc camps and leaders that can be won over or pitted against each other, is both unique and very fun to experience in person. There’s really no other game like it on the market.

You can buy Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor here


4. InFamous Second Son


As the InFamous games were some of the best open world PS3 games, you may already know what you are getting with an InFamous game: A great open world city, badass traveling mechanics, powers that you can learn and upgrade as you go, and a game full of side missions and mini-bosses for you to practice on. Second Son, taking place in future-Seattle, is all this and more. The main character has unique powers that get upgraded in interesting and powerful ways, so that fighting against authority has never been such a blast. Also, the graphics upgrade on PS4 is much appreciated when it comes to the (sometimes literal) InFamous flare.

You can buy InFamous Second Son here


5. Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited


Elder Scrolls Online has a release date currently set for the middle of 2015, but we already know a lot about it, because it has been one of the new open world PC games for a while now. If you love the Elder Scrolls universe and enjoy MMOs, it’s hard to find a more satisfying open world than this…especially with all the early bugs fixed and the monthly fees being dropped. MMOs are hard enough to find on the PS4, and the focus on Elder Scrolls fantasy makes this game even better. Put it on your list if you like the “open” part of open world the most.

You can buy Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited


6. No Man’s Sky

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Okay, okay, No Man’s Sky also hasn’t come out yet, but this is one of the upcoming open world games that promise to redefine the genre. This sci-fi game encourages you to explore new planets, with a real-time galaxy that allows you to visit every star, catalogue new life forms, and locate ancient secrets that allow you to piece together the past of this vast corner of space. Don’t worry, there’s also plenty of fighting, both in space and on the surface of the planets you find. Alas, there’s no firm word out about when this game will be available on PS4.

You can find out more about No Man’s Sky here

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