Best Hon Office Chairs in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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What should you look for to find the best Hon ergonomic office chair for your home office setup? It starts with exceptional comfort and a great fit, with plenty of support to help maintain natural posture and avoid cramping. Hon office chairs have plenty of flexibility, with ergonomic adjustments to suit a wide range of body types and user postures.

The Hon office furniture brand is known for ergonomic task chairs and desk chairs with a wide array of features like adjustable height, lumbar, and tilt tension control. Among their most noteworthy product lines is the renowned Ignition, a durable chair with advanced adjustment features and a breathable mesh backrest to help disperse body heat. Hon also produces a range of executive chair and task chair options in various colors and styles.

Keep reading to learn more about Hon office chairs and how they stack up against the best office chairs from other brands.

Top HON Office Chairs

 #1  HON HVST141 Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: With a large weight capacity and a comfortable seat cushion, the office chair will genuinely improve your office experience. And featuring a mesh back and backrest and armrest adjustment, the chair will allow you to focus on your work without worrying too much about back or wrist pain.

  • Included back support
  • Adjustable height and arm rest.
  • Easy assembly
  • Limited height adjustment

The HON HVST141 Office Chair will make your working experience a lot more comfortable thanks to its included lumbar support and comfortable seat cushion, which work together to prevent back pain while working for long hours. Moreover, with the added feature of height and armrest adjustability, you can adjust the chair to your needs. And paired with the 400-pound weight capacity, it makes for an exceptionally adaptable office chair.

It also includes a mesh back which will help ensure the chair doesn’t soak up sweat, thus preventing it from getting smelly or dusty. It is also straightforward to assemble with all the required equipment included in the package. However, it isn’t ideal for shorter people as their legs wouldn’t touch the ground when sitting with their backs against the mesh support, even with the height adjustment at its lowest.

 #2  HON HVL210 Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: The office chair won’t disappoint with its comfy lumbar support and seat cushion. Paired with its easy assembly process and ergonomic height and recline adjustment, you can enjoy a comfortable seating experience on a budget.

  • Excellent back support
  • Swift assembly process
  • Adaptable with flexible adjustments
  • Cushion flattens easily

With a highly comfy seat cushion and excellent lumbar support, the HON HVL210 aims for maximum comfort. It features a mesh back that, along with the seat cushion, is breathable, allowing you to focus on work while keeping the chair free of sweat and smell. Moreover, you can swiftly assemble the chair with the assembly equipment included in the package without very much effort.

Additionally, it also comes with an adjustable height, recline, and a tilt mechanism in the center that eases the reclining process of the chair. This makes it exceptionally adaptable to different body shapes, and paired with the smooth wheels, it allows you to move to your co-worker’s desk when necessary without getting up. However, you should note that the lumbar support requires you to be within a specific height range for it to be appropriately positioned against your back. And with the cushion getting flat quickly, this chair might be an issue, depending on how tall your desk is.

 #3  HON Exposure HVL721 Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This office chair will make working more relaxing and comfortable with its mesh backrest and adaptable lumbar support. And with durable parts and armrests that can be adjusted, it will last you a long time without causing back pain.

  • Adaptable lumbar support
  • Durable parts
  • Easy assembly
  • Not ideal for people with short legs

With adjustable lumbar support and a firm seat cushion, the HON Exposure HVL721 Chair will impress you when it comes to comfort. Although everyone may not prefer firm seat cushions, they will provide a good balance of comfort and durability for long-term use. And paired with a mesh back, you won’t have to worry about the chair soaking up a sweat or becoming smelly over time.

Furthermore, the Hon Exposure chair also features a recline and height adjustment to adapt to your needs. It also allows you to quickly move around with its resin base and sturdy yet smooth wheels, making it an excellent fit for office use as you can quickly move over to collaborate with someone or grab something from another desk without getting up. However, the chair’s height makes it unsuitable for short-legged people, as their feet won’t wholly reach the floor when seated against the back.

 #4  HON Ignition 2.0 HONI2M2AMLC10TK Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: Featuring a comfy seat cushion paired with movable backrest, this office chair will help make sure you’re comfortable while working. And with the added adjustability feature, it can easily be adapted to your needs.

  • Impressive adjustment
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Comfy seat cushion
  • Limited weight capacity due to plastic legs

Providing you with a comfortable seating experience while working, the HON Ignition 2.0 comes with a cozy foam seat cushion and movable lumbar support, which work together to prevent back pain. It also has a mesh back that won’t soak in sweat and provides fantastic back support. Moreover, with the flexible arm adjustments, you can quickly adapt the chair for greater comfort, making it an excellent fit for long working hours.

Additionally, the chair also comes with casters that roll easily, which, paired with the swivel of 360 degrees, makes it easy for you to move over to other nearby desks when needed without having to get up. However, despite its 300lbs weight capacity, we wouldn’t recommend using it near the limit as the plastic legs might not hold out long. But, on the plus side, you can quickly assemble it.

 #5  HONHVL531 Prominent Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This office chair is the perfect pick for tall people with its tall backrest, reasonable height adjustments, and excellent lumbar support. And paired with its comfy cushion and sturdy build quality, you’ll be able to focus on your work thoroughly.

  • Breathable and comfy
  • Smooth swivel and casters
  • Durable build
  • Non adjustable seat cushion

The HON Prominent HLV531 features a mesh back that makes for a great backrest paired with the lumbar support, which will prevent back pain from extended periods of sitting. As with most mesh chairs, you won’t have to worry about it soaking up sweat over time. Moreover, the chair has significant tilt and height adjustments that make it exceptionally adaptable.

Furthermore, you also get a comfy seat cushion that may flatten over time, but should still deliver a relaxing experience paired with armrests. It also has durable material that will hold up over a long time, and features good casters that roll freely, which, paired with the 360-degree swivel, allows you to quickly move around and pick up papers or a stapler from your colleagues’ desks while still being seated.

 #6  HON HVST305 Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This office chair will make the perfect fit for your office with its heavy-duty parts and flexible adjustments. Paired with its padded head and armrests, it’s magnificent for working for extended periods of time.

  • Comfy head and armrests
  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Flexible height and recline adjustments
  • No lumbar support

The HON Sadie HVST305 office chair will make for a comfortable experience with its comfy headrest and armrests, which paired with the leather seating surface adds a touch of luxury on a budget. Its flexible height and recline adjustments allow seamless adaptability. You also won’t have to worry too much about weight limits as the chair supports up to 250 pounds making it easily usable for most people.

Moreover, the chair should last you a long time without issues thanks to heavy-duty, durable parts. Thanks to its smooth wheels and swivel, it also has an uncomplicated assembly process and allows you to move around the office quickly. However, without any form of lumbar support, it might lead to back pain if not worsen already existing pain when sitting down for long periods of time.

Introduction to Hon Office Chairs

Hon is a popular American office furnishing brand founded in 1944. The Iowa-based company has a reputation for simple, functional designs and long-lasting quality. Standout products include comfortable office chairs, desk chairs, and executive chairs that are generally reasonably priced, considering their ergonomic design and excellent quality.

The Hon brand is probably best known for its Ignition line of task chairs. Available in low-back and mid-back forms, this series helped define the market for comfortable yet supportive height-adjustable workspace seating. A favorite office chair pick for many desk workers and executives, the Ignition series is gaining popularity for home offices and co-working spaces. Their big and tall models are also gaining traction, and you can read more about one with our HON Wave big tall executive chair review.

For a quick look at another brand of chairs, you might like our AmazonBasics low-back office chair review and our AmazonBasics bonded-leather big and tall executive office computer desk chair review.

Along with their well-regarded task chairs, Hon also produces more plush executive models with leather upholstery, simple conference chairs with padded seats, and high-backed black mesh computer chairs. While not cheap, the Ignition line tends to be less expensive than the best Herman Miller office chairs or Humanscale office chairs, making it a budget pick among top-tier office and gaming furniture.

How Hon Compares to Other Brands

(Pro 1) Wide Range of Adjustability: Hon chairs tend to come with a wider range of adjustable features than most budget chairs. This customizable comfort makes finding the ideal seating position for your body size and preferred posture easier.

(Con 1) Need for Constant Adjustments: With numerous adjustment options, including ones like seat depth and tilt tension, some users may find themselves constantly fiddling with the chair in search of the elusive “perfect” seat positioning, arm height, and armrest angle.

(Pro 2) Durable, High-Quality Construction: The Hon brand is known for its durability and ergonomic expertise. This reputation for quality makes Hon office furnishings and executive chairs a popular choice for use in studios, creative and corporate offices, and co-working spaces.

(Con 2) Not the Most Affordable Chairs: While their quality goes a long way toward justifying their price, some Hon models are still rather expensive, especially for those looking to buy a large quantity for a conference room, for example. However, the Hon Ignition series and other Hon task chairs provide more comfortable seat upholstery and higher-quality materials in the entire chair than most budget office chairs.

(Pro 3) Functional Ergonomics: With a range of ergonomic office chair models, including executive chair and task chair options, focused on measurements and proof-of-concept studies with ergonomic experts, Hon chairs embody the idea that form follows function.

(Con 3) Not the Most Striking Aesthetic Designs: Hon ergonomic chairs tend to be simple and even basic in design flourishes. Thus, they may not be your favorite chairs if you prefer more flashy or distinctive design choices in furniture. Compared to Herman Miller or Eames chairs, the designs of many Hon task chairs may seem plain.

(Pro 4) Diverse Product Lines: Hon office chairs and executive chairs typically come with a range of options, including heavy-duty models with a 250-lb or higher weight limit, high-back and low-back versions, and versions with or without adjustable armrests. This makes it easier for people with a wide range of body types and postural needs to find a chair in their price range that allows for comfortable seat positioning.

(Con 4) Selecting the Best Options Can Be Tricky: With so many different variations under the same basic product names, some users might find it difficult to narrow down the selection to the best Hon ergonomic chair for their needs. Many of their products, for example, are available with mesh seats or black fabric seat options, a high or low back, multiple armrest width options, and different types of caster wheels.

Why Should You Buy a New Hon Office Chair

With their painstakingly tested ergonomic features and numerous adjustments, Hon office chairs are an excellent choice when furnishing a home office setup for working long hours at the computer or for marathon gaming sessions. A highly comfortable chair like the Hon executive chair can also be a great addition to an office workspace or conference room. For more great additions we recommend our lists of the finest office chairs under $500 and great white office chairs.

In addition to providing improved comfort and helping avoid fatigue, a well-designed ergonomic chair with features like adjustable seat depth and backrest angle can help avoid or limit chronic back pain from sitting and working. Some of the leading wooden office chairs are just as adjustable and comfortable with the right cushions.

Newer Hon chairs benefit from ever-more-refined ergonomic testing and materials science developments, along with an expanded selection of specialty models. One of them is the Sadie executive chair–a more affordable option that comes with plush, faux leather upholstery. Hon has also introduced stackable conference chairs that can double as dining room and kitchen chairs for home use.

How Long Will a Hon Office Chair Last?

Having been in the office furnishing business since 1944, Hon has garnered a reputation for durability. The longevity of your Hon office and task chairs will depend on factors such as the number of users, frequency of use, and storage conditions.

Armrests and caster wheels are often among the first components to wear out. Under typical use conditions, the pneumatic cylinders for seat height adjustment and the plastic handle for armrest height and armrest angle may start to show signs of wear after three to five years of use.

In an office environment, you can expect task chairs and executive chairs to last anywhere from five to seven years, and they may last longer in a home office. Proper cleaning using cleaning supplies appropriate to the type of upholstery can help keep your workspace chairs looking and feeling new for longer. Office chairs can also wear out faster when exposed to UV light, beverage spills, and high temperatures, depending on the type of finish and seat cushion materials.

Hon Office Chair Warranties

Many Hon office chair products manufactured after 2011 are subject to a limited lifetime warranty. While some components are excluded from the lifetime warranty, the company offers a 12-year limited warranty on specific components, including pneumatic cylinders, mesh seating, and wood seating surfaces. A separate Hon 5-year limited warranty applies to other parts, including recliner arms and tilt lock mechanisms.

The warranties exclude normal wear and tear and discoloration from stains and cleaning products, and they also exclude office rental office furniture. If in doubt about which warranties apply to your purchase, you can consult the product details online or look up the warranty information on Hon’s website.


What should you look for in lumbar support office chairs?

If you're looking for an office chair with better lumbar support, you may want to look for features like adjustable backrest tension and backrest angles, adjustable seat height, and comfortable yet firm backrest materials. Above all, consider a chair with an ergonomically proven design.

Should you go for an office chair, a task chair, or a gaming chair?

While the categories of office chair and task chair overlap somewhat, a gaming chair is slightly different. The best type of chair for you will likely depend on your personal preferences and how long you spend seated at work or in front of the computer. People often pick gaming chairs based on aesthetics or cost as well.

What is tilt tension on Hon office and executive chairs?

Tilt tension refers to the amount of resistance to reclining motion or tilt in a typical office chair. Finding the right amount of tilt tension depends on personal preferences and body size.

Are expensive office chairs worth the price?

It depends on your needs, your budget, and the model and type of chair. In terms of the Hon brand, you can find highly functional ergonomic office chairs like the Ignition 2.0 series that justify their above-average price range with outstanding comfort and advanced adjustability features. Hon also has a variety of budget office chairs worth considering if you're looking for a more affordable option.

What are the best Hon chairs?

The best Hon chairs for you will depend on your needs and budget, the workspace setting, and the type of desk or table you use. In general, the Hon office and task chairs are very versatile and can work well for both home and office use.
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