Grand Theft Auto V – Official Trailer 2 (Video)

GTA 5 Video


So the Rockstar just launched the 2nd official Grand Theft Auto V trailer. As a dedicated scribe committed to giving you the good and bad dirt, I am obliged to report this. But as an avid PC gamer… Where’s the official word on a PC release?! Rockstar has the PC gaming community ready to storm their mighty compound armed with Doritos chiseled and carved to form razor-sharp snack treats of horror, where the jagged tips have been dipped in Weaponized Mountain Dew. Wounds—well they’re more like cheese-powder infected welts–will throb with crippling intensity.

You may remember something similar for an equally anticipated game. Red Dead Redemption is one of the best open-world games to ever hit the consoles. It was the type of experience that seemed more fitting to the PC than a console. True enough it had been advertised as a multiplatform title with the PC  scheduled to receive the love, too. Alas, in those final months, the PC was nicked from the list of targeted platforms. Unlike the Grand Theft Auto IV, which came to PC half a year after it’s console release had comfortably goggled up enough revenue, Red Dead Redemption never made it PC. Then came Max Payne 3, which was a surprise in many ways for gamers. The game play was super solid. The engine looked highly polished and the PC specific features collectively came together like a love letter to PC gamers (though Clap Trap’s still has my heart). I’m sure piracy will be to blame and/or the console big boys are asking that PC be down-played until the proper console hysteria is ramped.  Speaking about possible PC enhancements only undermines the sales of the product on less powerful platforms. Or so I hope…

Grand Theft Auto V is set for a Spring release in 2013 from Rockstar Games!

Shawn Sanders

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