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If you’re looking for the Best Leaf Blower at the best price, then you need to take a look at the Toro 51585 Corded Leaf Blower. It’s great for basic yard and patio clean-up; if you only need to blow matted leaves off your porch or out of your garden, then the Toro 51585 Power Sweep is a great value.

Why We Like It – Toro 51585 Corded Leaf Blower

The Toro 51585 Corded Leaf Blower is a solid budget blower that works well for small yards. It’s easier to use and more lightweight than gas powered and even other corded electric blowers. It has 2 air speeds and is fairly powerful despite its lighter size.

  • Light weight at less than 5lbs
  • Incredibly affordable
  • 2-speed air control
  • Short power cord requires an extension cord
  • Harsh vibration at higher speed


The Toro 51585 Power Sweep has 2 speed settings, and while not as powerful as the Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower, it still has enough power for efficiently cleaning leaves out of sidewalks, decks, and small yards. The low speed is a great option to have for gently blowing leaves out of potted plants and gardens. It’s perfect for basic consumer use, but not suitable for commercial landscaping companies, or yards with lots of trees.


The Toro Power Sweep Electric Leaf Blower is not gas powered like the Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Leaf Blower, meaning you don’t have to buy gallons of gas to clean your yard. Electric leaf blowers are also much more easy to start than gas powered. The switch for the air control is conveniently located on the handle, right where the user’s thumb falls. The power cord is fairly short, however, and requires an extension cord which can be inconvenient. Amazon reviewers note that the connection between the blower’s cord and the extension cord is a bit flimsy and can come loose during use. Reviewers also complained that it was almost too easy to switch between speeds, and sometimes accidentally switched to the high speed mode when not intended.


The Toro Power Sweep is comparable in price, weight, and power to the Greenworks 24012 Electric Blower, except Toro offers a 2 year full warranty after purchase (compared to Greenworks’ 4 year warranty). Some Amazon reviewers noted issues with actually utilizing the warranty, and had issues contacting the manufacturer for replacements or repairs. While this can be inconvenient, the Toro Power Sweep is still only $40, and a steal for anyone needing a simple blower for small jobs. If you don’t need more than that, then give the Toro a try.

Toro 51585 Corded Leaf Blower Wrap Up

For basic cleanup of sidewalk, decks, and yards, the Toro 51585 Corded Leaf Blower is a great choice at a great value. With a 2 speed air control, it’s great for clearing leaves out of small yards. It’s a cheap option for anyone that just needs the basics, and is comparable to other budget leaf blowers.

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