Cars of the future will no doubt fly, but until then we’ll have to settle for this Microsoft Ford Mustang, Project Detroit.  But don’t get us wrong, this is not your standard 2012 ‘Stang.

First things first.  The body has been retrofitted with a Dynacorn 1967 Mustang fastback replica body, which in our astute opinion actually makes a modern day Mustang actually attractive.  That said, you’re getting the best of both worlds; today’s engineering with an aggressive look that will never go out of style.  But it’s not just the facade of this Mustang so makes it so drool worthy; it’s what’s on the inside.

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You’ve probably already noticed that insane amount of LED lighting draped in and around the car.  But what you didn’t know is that this thing is stuffed full of Microsoft tech that will have you asking how you can get one of those – when’s the last time you heard that about a Microsoft project.

In addition to in car WiFi, the Project Detroit Mustang has its very own 4G connection such that it can constantly be connected to the cloud and controlled from a Windows phone running  Viper SmartStart app.  This allows its owner to see where the car is at, start and unlock it from any where in the world.

There is of course Ford’s SYNC tech for traffic updates, hands free and voice controls, but that hardly holds a candle to the instrument cluster, which has been replaced by a touchscreen, allowing its driver to swipe between displays and choose between a 2012 or 1967 instrument cluster.  And if that isn’t enough, Microsoft has installed a HUD that projects fighter jet like info directly onto the windshield so the pilot never has to look down, though that would be a tough proposition given the aforementioned offering.

There is also an array of touchscreen displays running Windows 8 and a rear windshield that serves as a display for not just playing with the included Xbox 360, but displaying signs such as “don’t tailgate me” to any body that hovers too close to your bumper.  And just because they could, they’ve installed Kinect sensors at the front and rear of the car and an PA system for making announcements, which can be achieved by speaking into a Windows Mobile phone.

Unfortunately, Microsoft and West Coast Customs don’t have plans to sell the car, but they will make the source code available on CodePlex.  The build air a few months ago on one of Discovery’s Velocity Network.

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