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Ikea Markus Chair Review Roundup

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This $200 Ikea office chair is an ideal alternative if you find many office chairs too expensive. However, the Markus does have a pretty unique shape that may not work for everyone. If you’re interested in affordability, take a look at the reviews below to see if it may be a good fit for you. Or, if the price is not a concern, take a look at our review of the best office chair.

It may just be your ultimate desk chair. It sure looks amazing.


Unlike the Herman Miller Classic Aeron task chair, the Markus offers a mesh back with a particularly high head cushion at the top. You can adjust the height and angle of this chair, but that’s about it – the armrests stay where they are. It is, however, supposed to be quite comfortable to recline in…as long as you have the room. But if you have back problems, the Posture Keeper eases pain from spending hours sitting at an office desk. Additionally, you’ll like the Komene ergonomic mesh office chair to relieve back pain.


  • Very affordable
  • Comfortable reclining


  • Super high back-rest
  • Limited customization options
Markus Chair
The high-backed Markus is made for easy reclining.

From Ikea

Overall, Ikea users rated the Markus highly, saying that the price belied how good of an office chair it proved to be. There are some odd things reported, however, such as wheel resistance when you aren’t bearing down on the chair, and of course how overall high the chair is, which makes it awkward for some office situations.

“This chair is the best chair you can get for your home office at this price point. It’s comfortable, high quality, and budget friendly. Just a few quirks to be aware of: the armrests aren’t adjustable, so unfortunately I can’t push the chair under my desk because it’s too high, even at its lowest point. Also, the seat back is awkwardly tall, so it can be dominating in a small home office.”

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From Lifehacker

Lifehacker lauded the low price of the Markus, but noted that you get a lot less customization in return, so it may be a good idea to visit an Ikea and try one out before buying. If it works, however, it can make a great choice for behind the desk.

“Compared to some of the others here, the Markus is lacking in features and customizability, but if you sit in one for a while, you’ll find it remarkably comfortable (I was thinking about getting one myself before I got my Embody.) It is height adjustable and can tilt and lock, but don’t expect to independently adjust the armrest width or height, or change the seat depth. The curved design and the mesh back to support your back, however, and the seat pan isn’t really deep enough for you to slouch or sit improperly, so it does enforce good posture.”

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From Amazon Users

Amazon users report that this is an excellent starting chair for your first desk job, and much better for your back than a more casual chair (as long as your posture is good). However, some people reported that the chair may be too high for some situations, while others said that it was painful for especially tall people to use.

“You can decline the backrest to up to about 40 degrees, as well as like many chairs, increase or decrease the height of the seat. Despite the back not being made of real/synthetic leather, it is extremely comfortable and designed ergonomically to compliment your spine’s natural shape. The headrest is also an excellent feature and just takes the comfort up a notch.

This chair may be too high for some people especially if you are using it in an Apex loft room. However my desk is situated at the centre of my loft so this is no real issue for me. It has been two weeks since I bought this chair and I have not noticed any deterioration in the quality of the chair whatsoever.”

Bottom Line

The Markus is a great buy if you want a low-budget office chair, but make sure it will fit first!

On the other hand, if Markus doesn’t do it for you, check out our guide on the best high back office chair to see if one meets your needs. Or you can check out these gaming chairs: The Homall racing chair and the KILLABEE massage gaming chair.

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