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Updated: Nov 11, 2023 9:40 AM
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After conducting extensive research, we nominated the Amazon Basics Modern Executive Chair as our Top Pick and the best executive leather office chair. It features a medium weight capacity of 275 pounds, with a fully padded headrest and backrest with built-in lumbar support. And it’s also available in two finishes which makes it one of the comfiest office chairs.

To create our guide, we focused on the following features: adjustability, support, design, recline/tilt, and, material. While most executive chairs have seat height adjustments, we also focused on the tilt and recline range for added comfort to identify true quality office chairs. We also considered weight capacity since this is important for proper support. And finally, we looked at the design and materials as many people might have specific desires when it comes to these two categories.

Top 10 Executive Leather Office Chairs

 #1  Amazon Basics Modern Executive Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: One of the best executive office chairs from our research with two finishes, plush padding throughout the frame, and the ability to support up to 275 pounds.

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  • Great weight capacity at 275lbs
  • Padded seat and back for additional comfort
  • Available in two finishes
  • Not made from genuine leather

Executive chairs make a great first impression but should also be functional. We nominated the AmazonBasics executive chair as one of the best executive office chairs from our research because of the built-in lumbar support and the fully padded backrest, including the headrest. We also liked that this chair is available in two finishes — grey, and ivory. You’ll like that this seat can support up to 275 pounds, putting it in the median range for weight capacity from the chairs we researched. This way you can sit for longer periods of time comfortably and reduce back pain, like with the best office chair for back pain.

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You’ll also get almost four inches of seat height adjustment with the ability to shift between 41.34 to 45.08 inches. Additionally, you’ll get a 360-degree swivel movement and a tilt-tension knob. The only potential drawback we found was that this chair — as is common with many executive office chairs — is made from bonded leather which is a form of faux leather created by combining polyurethane and genuine leather. While this does create a more durable upholstery, it can still be negative for someone who has their heart set on a genuine leather desk chair.  If you have back problems, look for the best office chairs for scoliosis victims that can also help to prevent sciatica, and muscle strain. For a more executive but still affordable option, check out the top 6 best office chairs under $300.

 #2  OFM Executive Leather Office Chair

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WHY WE LIKE IT: A lux ergonomic designed executive chair with chrome accents and a large height adjustment range, recline, and swivel.

  • Seat height adjustable
  • Elegant design with chrome accents
  • Not made from genuine leather
  • Fixed armrests
  • Supports up to 250lbs

If you want your office furniture to make a statement, you can’t go wrong with this executive office chair from OFM. While only available in black, you’ll like that the chair features an elegant design with chrome accents which gives this chair an executive feel.

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Core features for this chair include ergonomic appointments like a mid back that’s fully padded with lumbar support and padded armrests too. The chair height can be adjusted as well. But you also get a center-tilt mechanism that ensures you gently recline backward. The best recline functionality, though, is found in the best office chair without wheels. This OFM chair may not be the most impressive weight capacity from our research, this seat is rated for up to 250 pounds.

 #3  Serta Big & Tall Executive Leather Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: One of the best office chairs that prioritizes comfort with a backrest and seat made from pillowy cushions including an adjustable lumbar support panel.

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  • Available in four rich hues
  • Includes an adjustable lumbar support panel
  • Includes adjustable seat height and armrests
  • Made from bonded PU leather

If you prefer the look of a more traditional executive office chair, then you’re going to like this modern spin on a classic from Serta. Their Big & Tall chair is one of the best office chairs and our Best Quality recommendation because it prioritizes lumbar support thanks to thick pillowy cushions and padding throughout the backrest and seat. And this is to be expected considering that Serta is a world-class brand that’s best known for their mattresses.

We like that this chair strikes the right balance between a classic genuine leather office chair but also feels somewhat modern thanks to the rounded corners, padded armrests, and mahogany wood base. You’ll appreciate that you can choose from four colors — including white. We noted that you get 3.5 inches of height adjustment, giving you the freedom to raise or lower your chair from 18.75 to 22.25 inches. The best standing desk chairs will also include good height adjustment as well as great lumbar support. The best office stability chair will also offer a generous height range, non-slip vinyl, and good weight capacity. Now while they don’t specify the weight capacity of this Serta chair, as the product name implies, this executive chair is designed for people with larger frames. For a chair that distributes weight evenly throughout your lower back and legs, look for the best ergonomic kneeling chair. If you need a chair with a lot of height for a standing desk or drafting table, consider an ergonomic drafting chair as well.

 #4  Furmax High Back Executive Leather Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: An affordable executive chair with a 30-degree tilt range, flip-up armrests for added mobility, and a 300-pound weight capacity for added durability.

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  • 30-degree tilt range from 90 to 120 degrees
  • Seat height adjusts from 17.3 to 20.5”
  • Built-in lumbar support and curved padded armrests
  • PU leather construction

By now you’ve noted that many executive office chairs labeled as leather are more likely to be leather derivatives than a genuine or top grain leather office chair. Still, many of these bonded leather or PU leather chairs like this pick from Furmax is a great option for a home office setup. We especially like that it has a higher weight capacity, at up to 300 pounds. Plus, this model also features flip-up padded armrests, another great feature that’s ideal for people with fuller figures.

Aside from that, we liked that the Furmax executive chair is a high-quality option with a 30-degree tilt range from 90 to 120 degrees for added comfort. The seat height can also be adjusted from 17.3 to 20.5 inches. You’ll appreciate the built-in lumbar support as well as the standard features of 360-degree swivel control and noiseless casters. The best massage office chair will give excellent lumbar support, and also doubles as a massager, along with tons of adjustability and a superior design quality. Also, take a look at the best office stools that focus on height adjustability, ergonomics, weight capacity, and 360° swivel capability. To conclude, we think that along with the affordability, this Furmax chair is a perfect starter executive chair. If you’d like to consider more options to fit your budget, there’s the best office chair under $200 to consider too.

 #5  Yamasoro Ergonomic Executive Leather Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A plush leather executive chair with a headrest and a 30-degree tilt range, and a large four-inch seat height adjustment range, making this great for use in a home office setting.

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  • Ultra padded headrest, backrest, and seat
  • Decent tilt range from 90 to 120 degrees
  • Large height adjustment from 42.5 to 46.5”
  • Faux-leather construction may not appeal to all shoppers

Even if you’re working from home, you still deserve to be comfortable — especially if you’re working long hours. The Yamasoro ergonomic executive office chair is a great choice for the work from home set thanks to the higher weight capacity of 300 pounds and the choice of five upholstery finishes. While this best chair for long hours is another PU leather choice, that still translates to a very durable surface that can withstand the routine drama that a home office can experience.

We like that the entire backrest, headrest, and seat on this desk chair are padded with plush high-density memory foam with springs for improved resilience and back support. You’ll like that you get four inches of seat height adjustment from 42.5 to 46.5 inches and that the recline range is decent at 30 degrees from 90 to 120 degrees. Plus, you can recline and lock that position at any angle within that range. And this is another great option with padded flip-up armrests. So, along with the 360-degree swivel and quiet casters, you’ll have a full range of motion with this chair. If wheels on an office chair like on this model isn’t your thing, there’s always the top office chair without wheels.

 #6  Boss Office Products Wingback Executive Leather Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A classic wingback chair crafted from genuine leather that supports up to 250 pounds and offers three inches of height adjustment, making it the best real leather office chair.

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  • Supports up to 250lbs
  • Seat height adjusts from 19 to 22”
  • Crafted from genuine leather
  • Chair weighs 70 pounds

If you prefer the look and feel of a genuine leather office chair, this option from Boss Office Products should be in your shortlist. This top grain leather office chair is designed in the classic wingback style with a tufted backrest, complete with brass studs around the base of the seat and accenting the ends of the armrests. We love that it’s available in two colors: black and burgundy, which is why we think it’s one of the best real leather office chairs from our research. This classic oversized chair is the perfect compliment for a traditionalist who wants to make a statement with their executive chair.

In terms of functionality, you’ll get a seat height that can be adjusted from 19 to 22 inches. This is also one of the wider seat options at 23 inches. This model also provides tilt controls. We liked that the base is made from mahogany wood for a very lux finish. You’ll also get 360-degree swivel controls, quiet casters, and a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds.

 #7  Glitzhome PU Executive Leather Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A cozy executive leather chair with a sleek rounded design, padded headrest, 30-degree rocking functionality, and nearly four inches of seat height adjustment.

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  • Sleek modern design with built-in headrest
  • Adjustable seat height from 19.69 to 23.62”
  • Rocking function with adjustable angle from 90 – 120 degrees
  • Fixed armrests
  • PU leather instead of genuine leather

Not everyone likes the look of a classic executive office chair. In that case, this modernized version from Glitzhome is a great alternative. While it’s still an executive leather chair, the rounded mid-century design, and adjustable seat cushion angle gives it a leg up — no pun intended — on the competition. It’s the only chair in our guide that allows you to adjust the seat angle. Plus you’ll like that the seat cushion is made from durable foam so that it maintains its shape and provides consistent support every time you take a seat.

Aside from the cushion and design, you’ll get a built-in padded headrest in the backrest. This leather chair also supports rocking functionality with a range from 90 to 120 degrees. The seat height can be adjusted roughly four inches from 19.69 to 23.62 inches as well. And we did like that this chair has a weight limit of up to 275 pounds. While that’s not the largest from our guide, it’s in the mid-range.

 #8  COLAMY Leather Executive Ergonomic Desk Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A sturdy executive swivel chair with padded flip-up armrests, 360-degree swivel, and five casters for ultimate mobility.

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  • Tilt angle from 90 to 110 degrees
  • Flip-up padded armrests
  • Seat height is adjustable
  • Faux leather construction

Some people like to move as much as possible when they’re sitting at their desks. And this is understandable since sitting for prolonged periods in the same position is bad for your physical health. This faux leather executive chair is the perfect combination of lumbar support and mobile functionality to help you easily switch positions without having to fight your chair to do so.

We like that this chair comes with a padded backrest and headrest, but features padded flip-up armrests. Combined with the 275-pound weight capacity, that makes this pick ok for larger individuals. You’ll appreciate that this model also allows for a 20-degree tilt range from 90 to 110 degrees with a locking mechanism to set it at any point within that range. You can also adjust the seat height. And, of course, you’ll also get a 360-degree swiveling motion along with five quiet casters.

 #9  Vanspace Executive Leather Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A very sturdy leather chair designed to support up to 350 pounds that also provides a 20-degree tilt range, just under four inches of seat height adjustment, and a 4.1-inch high-density foam seat cushion.

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  • Tilt range from 103 to 123 degrees
  • Seat height adjusts from 18.5 to 22.45”
  • 4.1” high-density foam seat for added comfort
  • Bonded leather upholstery
  • Fixed armrests

For people that fall under the category of big and tall, finding an executive chair that provides support can be difficult. We’re including this pick from Vanspace because it offers the largest weight capacity in our guide at 350 pounds. This modern executive office chair also provides a seat height adjustment range from 18.5 to 22.45 inches, another sign that it’s ideal for taller people.

While this model does offer tilt capabilities, it does have one of the smaller ranges with just 20 degrees from 103 to 123 degrees. Still, that tilt feature comes with infinite locking, meaning that you can lock the chair at any angle within that range. You’ll appreciate that this seat is easy to assemble and is another bonded leather model which means it’s durable and easy to maintain.

 #10  Ticova Executive Leather Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: A modern designed executive chair with plenty of features, including a massive 50-degree recline range, a retractable footrest, and a large 4.1-inch seat height adjustment range.

Read Full Review: Ticova Executive Office Chair

  • Adjustability range from 90 to 140 degrees
  • Sleek modern design with padded backrest
  • Includes a retractable footrest
  • Padding on fixed armrests is thin
  • PVC material instead of real leather

If you want an executive office chair that does more, then the Ticova leather chair should be a top pick for you. We like that it has a wide range of features that makes it a serious contender. To begin with, this is the only executive chair in our guide that features a footrest. The retractable footrest measures 13.8 inches wide and sits just under the seat.

You’ll want to pair it with the massive reclining function. The Ticova executive chair has the largest reclining range of our guide, with an impressive 50-degree range from 90 to 140 degrees. The seat height can also be adjusted from 14.2 to 18.1 inches, making it an ideal option for shorter people if you’re looking for the best office chair for a short person. The padded backrest is designed with high-density foam for better lumbar support. However, this is another pick that is made from PVC faux leather. And we did note that while the armrests are padded, they’re fixed and the padding isn’t that thick.

How We Decided

An executive leather office chair can help you make a statement without saying a word. But it should also be functional and supportive. To create our guide, we focused on the following key features: adjustability, support, design, recline/tilt, and, material.

All of the executive chairs in our guide offer adjustments that include seat height and tilt/recline. With executive chairs, you’ll find that the seat height and seatback cannot be adjusted independently. However, if you’re a fan of reclining or rocking, you’ll want to pay special attention to the tilt range and locking features. In our guide, title functionality ranged from 20 degrees to as large as 50 degrees.

Support is also essential, especially if you’ll be spending long periods in your executive chair. While all of our picks offer lumbar support, you’ll note that the weight capacity varied widely. While the minimum and maximum weights supported were 250 and 350 pounds respectively, there was a wide range between those two figures.

And finally, the design and upholstery are going to be important aesthetic picks for you. Through our research, we found that a genuine leather office chair wasn’t as common as those made from leather alternatives such as polyurethane (PU), bonded leather, or even vinyl. This is going to be a choice you’ll need to make, but there’s an argument to be made for both options. While premium leather is designed to last longer, faux leathers can be easier to maintain and are also incredibly durable. After using a leather chair for a while, it may develop a dent where you sit as the cushion compresses and the leather stretches. This can look bad but don’t worry, we have a great guide on how to fix a butt dent in a leather office chair. Faux leathers can also peel after a while of use, but we can help, with our guide on how to fix a peeling leather office chair. Additionally, if you don’t want to have to repair your floors from damage, check out our page on what to put under an office chair on hardwood to help protect them.

Best Executive Leather Office Chair Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Factors to Consider

  1. Adjustability
    In addition to looking nice, a quality executive chair should have adjustable features. This allows you to customize the chair according to your body type, level of comfort, and posture.
    • A good executive office chair should give you the ability to adjust the seat height so the ergonomic design adapts to your body and you can sit comfortably.
    • Typically, the seat in an executive office chair can be raised or lowered between 12 to 20 inches. However, note that adjustable height on an ergonomic chair is inclusive of the backrest too.
    • If a comfortable leather office chair is your priority, you can get a seat that includes an adjustable headrest. Also consider whether you want adjustable armrests while you’re checking out the greatest Secret Lab gaming chairs.
    • Also, keep in mind if your chair is squeaking, we have a guide that can help you fix it.
  2. Design
    Executive office chairs come in a variety of styles from traditional wing-backs to more modern options. There can be some color options too, like grey and brown aside from black. Minimalist models may lack key design elements like topstitching or embossing. Some may even lack armrests, but there are quality chairs on the market that lack arms, such as the best armless desk chair. Some people may opt for gaming chairs instead, but these aren’t true executive chairs. The choice is going to depend on your design aesthetic and what you consider to be a stylish chair. But in our guide, we’ve included a range of options from mid-century to traditional and low-profile minimalist options. Sometimes aesthetics are a little more important as you need the chairs to be elegant and professional, like with the best conference room chairs.
  3. Recline/Tilt
    Not all executive chairs support reclining functionality. However, you should be able to tilt or rock in it. Specifically, look for models that allow you to recline and use the tilt lock feature to set it at any angle within the recline range.
  4. Support
    Look for an executive chair that is supportive for maximum comfort. Since executive office chairs are usually plush and well-padded, they tend to be better in terms of providing adequate back support, especially through the lumbar region.
    • Unfortunately, such padding might appeal to little animals, like cats, who may scratch up your chair.
    • Some models may even offer a massage or heat function. There are also chairs that provide extra padding on the seat, back, and armrests on top of comfortable foam padding. Also, consider the maximum weight capacity for the chair you want. But, larger folks, may want to look into a great big and tall office chair.
  5. Upholstery
    Normally, an executive chair will be made from leather, vinyl, or faux leather, although you can find combination models that include mesh for added breathability. For even more breathability, we recommend you take a look at the best mesh office chair, though that strays away from your typical executive leather chair. The reduced breathability is one main drawback of an executive chair as it may trap heat and leave you uncomfortable if you’re the type who gets hot as you work. Keep in mind though that bonded leather is not genuine. It’s a combination of faux and leather raw materials, and by using the term “bonded leather”, brands can market their executive chairs as leather when they’re not. Check out the difference between PU leather vs bonded leather. Additionally, if you like the elegant look of hardwood craftsmanship, you can check out the best wooden office chairs to see if they will fit your physical and aesthetic needs.
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