The connected home.  It’s among us and more evident than ever before.  We’re talking Philips Hue, Sonos, Nest, August and whole variety of other products that are supposed to simplify our lives.  Like the best smart remotes. However, controlling them can be just a painstaking as setting them up.  Enter the Sevenhugs Smart Remote.

What Makes The Sevenhugs Smart Remote Different

So what makes this Smart Remote different than the rest?  Or more importantly, why buy this instead of just using your iPhone or Android?  One word: simplicity.

Using something called “indoor localization technology”, the Smart Remote automatically knows what device you’re pointing it at and interacts with that device accordingly.  In other words, you don’t have to select the device, which in my experience, such as the Harmony One, can greatly slow the process, so much so it defeats the purpose of a universal remote.

“By 2019, the smart home market is expected to reach $28 billion, with more than 69 million homes connected worldwide,” said Simon Tchedikian, CEO & Cofounder, Sevenhugs. “Yet, the smart home technology fragmentation remains an obstacle with every connected object needing to be controlled by a dedicated smartphone application or a remote control. With the Smart Remote, you only need one solution to control everything in your home with just one touch.”

I’m not sure what short range tech Sevenhugs is using (Bluetooth?), but included are three “connected sockets”, which, from what I can understand, work to triangulate the position of the remote and thus determine what it’s pointing at – sort of like triangulating a cell phone’s position using cell towers.

What Devices Does it Work With, How Much and When

Sevenhugs Smart Remote
The Sevenhugs Smart Remote using indoor localization.

As of now, even though the product is still in development, the Smart Remote works with Nest, Sonos, and Phillips Hue lightbulbs.  And fear not, there is an open SDK, so other products are sure to arrive, hopefully before the product’s launch this September for $200.  If you’re so inclined, you can preorder one today.

Included is a base station for charging.  I can’t tell you specifically how big the screen is or what type it is.  But if the video is a true representation, then my hats off to them, because it’s looks exceptionally bright and clear.

About Sevenhugs

Seven hugs is a French startup founded in 2014 by Simon Tchedikian, Stéphane Jaubertou, Lionel Marty, and Olivier Mandine.  They’re, at their core, a smart-home technology company that designs and markets integrated home devices and services aimed at simplifying the home-technology experience.

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