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From our list of the Best Freesync Gaming Monitors, The Samsung chg90 QLED is a 49” inch display that will showcase up to a billion shades of color thanks to the quantum dot technology. It includes the latest installment of AMD’s Radeon Freesync 2 which gives you a smoother gaming experience with accurate frame rates and colors.

Why We Like It – Samsung CHG90 Qled

The Samsung chg90 qled is a massive gaming monitor that single handedly immerses you into your gaming experience with its large 49” inch display. Along with this massive size, is a high refresh rate that will eliminate any lagging factor that affects you during gameplay. Even with its large size, it still provides an adjustable stand to set up to your preference.

  • The curved panel gives you a more immersive experience
  • HDR gaming technology adds even more details on images
  • A bigger screen may be better for multiplayer, but too overwhelming for single players


Samsung packed this monitor with a 1ms motion picture response time which eliminates blurring during any games. It runs at a screen refresh rate of 144hz which is good compared with competitors. If you aren’t as interested in trying out a curved monitor, you may want to check out the ViewSonic xg2402. It has an aspect ratio of 32:9 bringing you a cinematic view whenever you are.

Viewing angle

The viewing angle on the chg90 QLED gaming monitor depends on where you are viewing it in. If you are cramped in a room with not much space, the monitor may be overwhelming during games where you need to be on top of the entirety of the screen. Likewise, if you have a big room and enough space this monitor will give you a great viewing angle. It has a contrast ratio of 3,000:1. If you would like to check out smaller monitors, you may be interested in the AOC cq32g1.


The 49” inch monitor is set to last for a long time, just make sure that no physical abuse happens to it because we all know how sensitive these screens can be. If anything goes wrong internally, you have a limited warranty to cover you for these situations and some retailers may even offer you a protection plan so make sure to budget for that if you decide to go with this monitor and want the extra protection.


This monitor has regular and mini sized display ports, HDMI and USB ports so you can connect multiple devices and save you some time. This monitor is wide enough to handle multiple screens so if you are a trader, a music or video producer, this is truly a great monitor to have because you can have split screens at once to make you a faster multitasker. If you are not sold by this 49” inch screen by now, you may want to check out the AOC agon ag322qc4.


This monitor may need hefty electric power consumption due to its large screen display, so it is best to be prepared for that. Samsung went the extra mile and included an ergonomic stand to ensure that we can tilt and tweak the monitor to our preference. If you want to experience the best and most immersive image quality, this is most definitely a monitor to experience especially since Samsung has a rich history of bringing cutting edge technology. If you are a multitasker and hate having to barrage through multiple windows, the aspect ratio of 32:9 will provide enough space to have the most important windows open for your viewing at the same time. Aside from the screen, the monitor itself will make your workspace more organized since the power cable and other cables can be smartly stored in the neck of the monitor.

Samsung CHG90 Qled Wrap Up

The Samsung chg90 qled monitor has a super ultra wide screen size that is perfect for playing video games or watching a movie in great detail thanks to the HDR technology. As long as you have a good amount of space for it on your desk, you can appreciate the aspect ratio and have multiple windows open at once making you a faster multitasker.

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