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The top portable speakers use wireless technology and rechargeable batteries that allow you to take them nearly anywhere. To find the best portable speakers, check out the portable speaker reviews offered at Gadget Review. Our experts keep up to date on the latest developments in the audio tech world and provide information on where you can find the best deals or who has the greatest acoustic fidelity.

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Portable speakers tend to see a lot of price variance as they age. Wireless or Bluetooth portable speakers only a couple years old often have their prices slashed in half to clear stock and make way for new entrants, which means you can often get a great deal just by shifting back to an earlier model. Not sure where to start? Try Gadget Review's articles, lists of the best portable speakers, and other resources. You can also learn much more about battery life, ruggedization, travel wireless speakers, speaker docks, smartphone controls, and other important features. Why pick the first speaker that you see? Get a great product and save money at the same time by doing a little bit of research first and stopping by Gadget Review!