In our search for the best alarm clock, we came across this cool one.

Clearly you remember the Blowfly alarm clock? More practical for actual production is the Sfera alarm clock. The clock is hung above the bed and emits a gentle glow when the alarm is reached, naturally awakening you from sleep. Hitting the snooze button will cause the alarm clock to retract towards the ceiling. With each subsequent push of the snooze, the Sfera retracts closer towards the ceiling, finally forcing you to rise out of bed to shut it off. The alarm clock also illuminates in 3 colors to indicate ambient, radio or alarm use. The radio’s frequency can be changed by twisting the sphere. Hayat Benchenaa and Garikoitz Iruretagoiena, the designer of the Sfera, managed to develop two working prototypes. No word if it will go into production.

Product page here.

Via Cribcandy

Christen Costa

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  1. what if your face is in the pillow or you turn all the way around? What if your room isn’t that tall? (i guess you wouldn’t get it though) does it make a sound as well? (it wouldn’t wake me up with a light) Great idea though!!

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  3. i do not get it wot is it and does it hang from the seling if it does lol that funny but when u wake up wont you bang your head on it will some one get back to me asap i really wont to now

    thank you

    1. first off, its an alarm clock that retracts toward the ceiling every time you hit the snooze button. It hangs from above your bed so if you sit up really quickly when it goes off you may hit your head. It doesn’t look very heavy so it probably wont hurt much.

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