When people mention AR games (Augmented Reality), you probably think of Pokemon Go, the most popular AR game out there, but there are more AR games available besides Pokemon. In fact, this is a trend that is still just in the beginning stages. Expect to see many more. If you love iPhone games, take a look at our You Don’t Know Jack iOS review too.

An Open World Game For Cthulhu Fans

One of the neater AR games to surface in recent months is Reign of Cthulhu, an Augmented Reality RPG. Forget tabletop gaming. This RPG turns your neighborhood into your tabletop. It combines t-shirts, phones, & augmented reality into a fun mixed reality RPG that may just blow your mind.

This mobile game was inspired by several other games. It takes the open world gameplay and narrative quest system from Fallout 4, the customizable combat deck idea from Hearthstone, real-world random encounters from Pokemon Go, and mixes these with the Cthulu mythos and other Lovecraft tales.

It is being called the first mixed reality game designed for mobile for gamers. If you are a fan of Cthulhu or H.P. Lovecraft in general, you are going to love this fresh new take.

Reign of Cthulhu PvP is a 2-6 player free-for-all. That means that it’s every man for himself. You are all on your own, clearing the map until there is only one person left standing. In this way, even two of the same heroes can have different strategies and combat styles customized for each player.

But that’s not all. This is the fun part. The game also allows you to create teams, build virtual headquarters, solve puzzles, and fight up to six other players for control of the City of R’lyeh in your real-world neighborhood. How is that for a cool mobile game?

As you can imagine, there are plenty of surprises in the Sunken City of R’lyeh. You’ll encounter traps, buried treasure, locked tombs and more. These can be accessed by solving puzzles and challenges. Each challenge gets easier with the more character classes you have working on it. Puzzles can be as simple as shifting gears to the right order, while some require multiple people performing individual actions around the world to find the solution.

Reign of Cthulhu Augmented Reality RPG
Reign of Cthulhu in our world.

LoveCraft Comes To Life

Just choose your hero, then build an army to battle from cards you collected from your t-shirts or free from downloading the app when it’s released. The goal is to take control of pieces of the city of R’lyeh, virtually and in the real world. In augmented reality, you can control places in your neighborhood, your city, or anywhere in the world if your deck is powerful enough.

Cthulhu fans will love bringing the mythos into the real world, bringing these horrors to life. Check out the Kickstarter page for more details.

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  1. WarePlai has created a new Augmented Reality game, Reign of Cthulhu! An Awesome new game and clothing line that will allow users to battle one another by pointing their mobile device at an opponents T-shirt. Kids are going to absolutely love this

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