Peaceful Progression Alarm Clock for the Therapeutic Wake Up

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Updated June 27, 2022

Peaceful Progression Alarm Clock

I get up at 7:30 but you better believe, if I wake up at 7:29, I’m going back to a deep restful sleep for my full :60.  In such cases the Snooze button fails me miserably. Five minutes is the lowest or least amount of time I can set my alarm’s snooze, only to jarred awake by the “Fire Bell” alarm sound I chose. Who doesn’t like to wake to a virtual Fire Station on full alert?

If you raised your hand then this option should pique your interest. The Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock is like waking to a soothing massage replete with scented bath oils tranquil ocean water sounds (happy ending not included). At around 30mins before your set wake up time, lights on the clock begin to softly illuminate and brighten over the next half-hour. The clock can also be set to release scents via aromatherapy. I wonder if “bacon and grits” are a scented option? Now 15min before wake up, the clock will serenade you with one of you six different nature sound choices. If you slumber after all this morning pampering then the clock will produce a chime that increases in volume until the dead have risen.

The clock comes with four different aromatherapy beads, including Ocean Water, Pear Vanilla  Lavender Essen and Clean Cotton. But you can also use your own. Hmm… I guess I should start saving the bacon grease.

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