Practically everything nowadays is getting redesigned, so why not the keychain? Well, now it has with the KeyDisk 2, which is a modern take on the traditional keychain that eliminates the bulk and adds cool. As the success to the KeyDisk, this second version provides even more durability.

No More Bulk

KeyDisk 2

The thing with regular keychains is that if you have a lot of keys, it tends to get bulky and heavy, with keys of all shapes and sizes hanging out. If you put them in your pocket, the bulge is huge and can be quite uncomfortable. With the KeyDisk 2, it’s sleek and minimal and will simply slide into any size of pocket. It can hold up to 9 keys with no extra bulge and makes it easier to carry around all your needed keys. And each KeyDisk 2 will be sent to buyers with an attachment so that you can carry your car keys FOB.

Sleek Design

KeyDisk 2

Keychains are so yesterday! So instead of the normal keyhole that keys hang on, the KeyDisk 2 has slots that you insert the keys into and pops out sort of like the gadgets in a Swiss Army Knife. Each one is constructed from sandblasted and anodized aluminum and is compatible with standard keys rings/car remotes. It comes in two different colors – onyx black and gunmetal grey. It also comes with 6 washers for optimal fitting. The KeyDisk 2 is something you’ll want to show off to all of your pals! It’ll blend in perfect with all your other everyday “cool” gadgets!

Easy to Use

KeyDisk 2

The second version is more ergonomic thanks to its hollowed design that allows users to see and draw out the key /keys needed in any situation. It comes with pass through screws with two different shaped heads, which allows for more room, meaning you can carry more while keeping the same sleek profile of the device and making it easier to use.

The Early Bird special is still available for its Kickstarter campaign so $19 gets you either color options.

Kristie Bertucci

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