Herman Miller Sayl Chair With Memories Of Boats And Bridges

The Sayl chair, while initially cryptic in its sounding, can be consequently deciphered as having something to do with sailing. For me that came only after reading that its designer, Herman Miller, drew the shapes of the office chair from the idealized form of sailboats and bridges.

That kind of inspiration makes for a most comfortable office chair.

The chair indeed looks both grid-like and airy, and its shapes would be equally suited in a large windowed office and on the deck of a boat. Its structure holds together without a frame, and the back support was built from the design of the Golden Gate bridge, though I’ve always been of the opinion that if you like it, you buy it, regardless of what it’s been built after (unless it’s an Apple clone).

There’s a “suspension tower” round the back, also known as a support bar, and the chair is rumored to be extra comfy thanks to the use of flexible elastomer.

Elastomer or no elastomer, it’s 93% recyclable and made from 21% recycled materials, so if green floats your boat, this is green.


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