When it is time to buy a new office chair, you should know all about the types of leather material that task chairmakers use on their products. There are 3 main types of leather: Bonded, Faux and authentic leather. It can be hard to tell the differences between bonded leather, faux or real since they all look and feel very similar. This is why I am going to teach you the difference between Faux Leather Vs Bonded Leather. Very handy when shopping for the best ergonomic office chair under 300.

Even more useful if you are looking at the best office chair under 500.

Faux Leather Vs Bonded Leather Chairs Compared
What are the differences between leathers?

Faux Leather Vs Bonded Leather Chairs Compared

If you want to get your money’s worth when buying a good task chair, you have to be armed with knowledge. These materials affect how comfortable you are, how soon it will need to be replaced and even what chemicals you are potentially breathing in. I have all of the answers below so that you can buy the best office chair for you.

Bonded Leather Office Chairs

Bonded leather furniture is used in many home furnishings because it is the cheapest. You have probably seen some bonded leather sofas. It will also peel as time goes by and is prone to cracking. This material is made by milling leftover hide, which includes dust as well as tiny bits of animal hide shavings. They are usually spray glued to the back of a hard surface. It is dyed, given a coat of polyurethane for shine, and made to look like real leather.

This leather will last anywhere from a few months to a few years and does have some off-gassing, whereas real leather is extremely durable. It is stain resistant, but it tears easily and is easy to puncture.

Faux Leather Executive Chairs

Faux leather is also not real leather. It is made from synthetic materials that have the texture and appearance of genuine leather. It goes by many names like Vegan leather, PU leather, and pleather. These are all types of faux leather. It has no real leather in it at all. It is also crack and peel resistant. The most common way it is made is by using polyurethane (PU), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyester microfiber.

To make PU leather, they use a fabric backing of materials like cotton or polyester that are coated with a polymer. After that, it is made to look like real animal hide. Faux leather will last about 2 years on an executive office chair and it has no off-gassing, though there is a synthetic smell.

It is also stain-resistant and will resist fading. Although you do still have to worry about punctures and tears.

Which Office Chair Material Is The Best?

Naturally, real leather beats both bonded and faux leather. It is tear-resistant and will last you a long time. But if your budget calls for a synthetic leather I would recommend faux leather. While both are easy to clean, faux is superior and at a low cost. There is a significant difference between real leather and alternatives.

Faux leather is a step above bonded leather with the added bonus of having no off-gassing, which makes your office space healthier. So the faux leather vs bonded leather debate is easy when it comes to that. That goes for your leather sofa for that matter. This goes for all leather furniture. Being stain and fade resistant is also a great feature. So if you have to go with a cheaper leather substitute when shipping for best office chair under 300, faux is the way to go in the bonded vs faux debate. Now you know how to spot the difference.

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