Dyson Hard Combines Mopping and Vacuuming in One (video)

Dyson Hard

The best Dyson vacuum should do more. Vacuuming is easy.  Mopping sucks.  iRobot addressed this much maligned chore with their Scuba.  It seems like an excellent option, however I wouldn’t know because they won’t send me one to review (hint, hint).  Now Dyson is getting  in on the vacuum-mop hybrid game.  Unfortunately, their version won’t be a self-autonomous version like iRobots, but it will be a bit more versatile.

It’s called the Dyson Hard – you know, as in hard floors.  The vacuum is actually a repurposing of their existing handheld model, the DC35 or the DC44.  But now Dyson has added a Swiffer like pad creating a dual action head that both vacuums (the outer portion  and and mops (the inner portion).  So as you drive the vacuum head along the floor it sucks up debris and immediately after licks up up sticky messes.

Unfortunately, details on the Dyson Hard are a bit scant and I can’t tell you what the pads are made of or if they’ll be reusable.  It’s likely that Dyson will sell the pads in packets, much like Swiffer, as this means additional and continuing revenue for the company. I do however know that the Dyson Hard will function just like their other handheld vacuums, allowing you to cleaning in hard to reach spots and suck up small messes.

Pricing is likely to be in the $400+ range, though Dyson has yet to make an official announcement.  If we’re lucky, you’ll be able to by it as an add on for your existing Dyson DC35 or DC44.

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