If you’re looking for a better way to stream your music, the Cambridge Audio CXN (V2) network streamer is a solid choice. You’ll love that it can stream digital audio from a wide variety of sources.

Cambridge Audio Made a Great Streamer Better

It will stream from devices connected via USB, UPnP, Apple AirPlay and Spotify Connect and upscale things for the best quality sound. This is the second generation edition of the CXN, so you bet there are improvements, like more processing power and a much better user experience. But that’s not all that it brings to the table. There is a lot to love about this network streamer. You will fall in love with audio all over again.

MPEG-DASH and HLS technology allows higher sound quality when listening to Internet radio stations, and finding your favorite musical moments within a track is easy using the new ability to seek through any track played over UPnP, USB or Spotify Connect. I told you that there’s a lot to love here. If you love buying new things for your TV, you’ll have to read our Actiontec myWirelessTV review.

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Cambridge Audio had a solid hit with the first version and users loved it. It even won multiple awards, but since they are always innovating and improving their products, they just had to revisit this and offer a second generation.

Songs played with this device have even more sharp detail and warm depth, allowing you to hear all of the nuances. You will hear things that you have never heard before even if you’ve listened to that song a thousand times.

Cambridge Audio CXN V2 Network Streamer
It will serve all of your streaming needs.

Amazing Sound and Amazing Design

Cambridge Audio CXN V2 Network Streamer

So how do they achieve this level of sound? The music is passed through Cambridge Audio’s ATF2 upsampling technology, then through dual Wolfson WM8740 DACs. Audio is also upscaled to a hi-res 24bit/384kHz format using polynomial curve fitting interpolation. The CXN V2 is tuned by ear, by actual humans, who know what quality sounds like. It is made for ears after all.

It also has a large color screen for album artwork and commands, plus it is compatible with the Cambridge Connect app. This is a streamer for those who love music, made by those who love music.

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