Apple Macbook Retina 2 2ghz 6 Core Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
93 Expert Rating

This Apple Macbook Retina 2 2ghz 6 Core has a lightning fast Quad Core I9 processor with a true tone retina display. The touch bar with touch ID is a nice addition to this 13 inch MacBook Pro. The battery life is excellent, allowing you to take advantage of these Intel Iris Plus graphics all day long. The new magic keyboard is a nice addition and the core processors give this laptop that extra turbo boost. This 13 inch model offers a good SSD storage capacity, allowing you to hang on to all of your photos, videos, and more…making this one of the best Apple laptops. But, if you’re interested in a PC laptop, then visit our best laptops list.

Why We Like It – Apple Macbook Retina 2 2ghz 6 Core

The Apple Macbook Retina 2 2ghz 6 Core is a thin, light, fast speed laptop that the whole family can enjoy. With an Intel core processor, and bright, crisp graphics, there really isn’t much about this device that anyone in the family can’t enjoy.

  • Fast processor
  • Durable
  • Bright screen
  • A bit pricey


This new MacBook Pro also has an Intel Core I7 processor that truly helps with the speed of the graphics performance. Going above and beyond, this Apple MacBook Pro 13” Apple Laptop single Core generation Core I5, compared with previous 13 inch display laptops…this one has plenty of new additions such as a new keyboard, brighter screens, and much faster speeds. The Intel core I7 processor is a significant percent faster than the last generation Intel core one. If you’re looking for a MacBook Air that is at the top of his game, this one is the laptop to try. If you need a great laptop to use on the go, then check out our Asus Chromebook C202 review.


This Intel Core I5 Apple laptop has the typical design it is known for. Four Thunderbolt inserts on the side (a nice upgrade from the usual two Thunderbolt inserts), add a nice touch. Next to that you are going to get the USB C ports power slots and the typical main power plug location (USB C power adapter available). The Radeon Pro display screen is bright and seems to pick up less thumbprints than previous models, like the Apple Macbook Air 13″ (2011) 1.8GHz. The magic keyboard is simple to use and a nice addition. Definitely a good switch from the butterfly keyboard in other models.


For most laptops with a Core Intel processor, you’re going to pay up the nose. But you really can’t say that about this model. You’re getting a lot more than other devices with this size display screen, just like you do with the Apple MacBook Pro 16” Apple Laptop. All the new features feel like you are getting a deal compared to other Macbook Pros. For this price, you are getting the expected quality, performance, and customer service that comes to be with Apple products. If you’re looking for a laptop at this size with this kind of speed, you’re getting more than you think for your money. If you want an Apple laptop for light use, then you’ll need to see our Macbook Pro 2017 review.

Apple Macbook Retina 2 2ghz 6 Core Wrap Up

The Apple Macbook Retina 2 2ghz 6 Core is both a stunning 13.3 inch retina display with true tone technology. The magic keyboard, backlit, and touch ID, is an excellent addition to this new generation Apple laptop. The Intel Iris plus graphics are stunning and the memory space for storing your videos, TV, pictures, etc., is very impressive. Even the sound with the stereo speakers is a bump up from the previous model. If you’re looking for a new laptop and want to get the best choice in this price range, this one’s definitely one you should buy.

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