Apple Macbook 16 inch Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Apple Macbook 16 inch has surely taken a step up from its previous models. This 16 inch MacBook Pro, like the Apple Macbook Pro 13 offers an excellent battery life, a new keyboard, and is perfect for all your laptop needs, including video editing. In fact, butterfly keyboards are an excellent feature on these new series of Apple MacBook pros. This 16 inch model has a beautiful retina display and offers face ID, finally catching up with the smaller smartphones. These features, the magic keyboard, plus more, all equals up to an excellent buy for a 16 inch screen, making this one of the best Apple laptops. Not an Apple fan? Then check out our best laptops list for alternative choices.

Why We Like It – Apple MacBook 16 inch 512GB Storage

The Apple Macbook 16 inch is a ninth generation MacBook Pro air with a 6 core Intel I7 processor that features Touch Bar and touch ID. Stunning 16 inch retina display with True Tone technology offers bright and crisp colors that go above and beyond compared to other laptops at this price.

  • Fast
  • Good battery life
  • Bright screen
  • Some third party apps crash


Using an Intel Core i7 processor, this 16 inch laptop truly is the best new MacBook Pro, probably jumping ahead of the previous MacBook Air’s. The new Touch Bar allows for a spot on working touch ID feature and the new AMD Radeon Pro 5300M Graphics card is a nice addition. These new MacBook Pro’s feature a larger display than the previous models, including the Dell XPS. The 16 inch display, and it’s Intel Core I9 processor, is perfect as an entry-level first time computer, or the perfect addition for your everyday multimedia needs.

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If you look at previous MacBook Pro pro reviews, such as the Apple Macbook Air 13″ (2011) 1.8ghz, you can see that the look isn’t that different from the older models. But this screen truly is gorgeous… And is the largest display since the 2012 MacBook 17 Premiere Pro. The laptop has your standard USB C ports, and the large display has truly upped it’s a resolution. The screen is truly vibrant and sharp and the keyboard, from to escape key to the space bar, feels smooth to the touch. The butterfly switches are replaced with the scissor switch, currently found in the popular iMac magic keyboard.


Based on other 16 inch reviews online, the price of this laptop falls in line with its competition. But with all the top features, this MacBook pro 16 inch edition has a very reasonable price. You are getting double the storage and better graphics along with all the other great new features such as a larger screen, and faster processor. It is surprising that it is the same price as its previous model, such as the Macbook Pro 2017. So, if you’re looking for a brand new MacBook Pro, you might as well go for this model since you’re not saving any money with the previous one.

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Apple MacBook 16 inch 512GB Storage Wrap Up

The Apple Macbook 16 inch is a powerful 16 inch laptop with a powerful Core processor. The screen is bright, the colors pop, and the images run smoothly with no lagging. Enjoy up to 8 TB of storage which is one of the highest capacities on any notebook. The AMD pro series graphic card is an amazing upgrade from the previous models. This MacBook Pro is by far the most powerful notebook Apple has made so far. If you decide on this laptop, you can comfortably know you are getting one of the most quality products out there today.

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