Apple Macbook 13 Inch 2 3ghz 256gb Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

The Apple Macbook 13 Inch 2 3ghz 256gb is a powerful, fast laptop with new quad core I7 processor (an upgrade from the Intel Core I5 processor) and an impressive bright retina display. This Apple MacBook Pro comes with a butterfly keyboard and offers a working touch bar with touch ID. This 13 inch MacBook will give you an impressive battery life and the Gen Core processor will make all your multimedia choices lightning fast, making this one of the best Apple laptops. The new keyboard and excellent Intel iris plus graphics make this product above and beyond its previous model. If you’re in the market for a Dell laptop, then check out our best laptops list.

Why We Like It – Apple MacBook 13 inch 2 3GHz 256GB

The Apple Macbook 13 Inch 2 3ghz 256gb is a fast speed dual Core Lightning fast laptop with Intel core processors. With 256 GB of storage, you will have plenty of space to store your videos, pictures, projects, or all of your multiple devices’ data.

  • Fast processor
  • Good battery
  • Bright screen
  • Some apps crash


This new MacBook Air has really bumped up the speed with the Gen Intel processor. It’s impressive how much they have taken the base model and brought it up to this better performance. This Dual Core new MacBook Pro is the perfect entry level laptop for anyone in the family. Easily take care of video editing, recording, or just use it to watch your favorite TV shows, movies, or just browse the web at lightning speed with this apple macbook pro 13. Like the Apple MacBook Pro 16” Apple Laptop, you won’t be disappointed with how this device performs.

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This 13 inch MacBook Pro has the standard USB C ports on the side as well as four Thunderbolt inserts right next to them. Just like previous models like the apple macbook air 13″ (2011) 1.8ghz, the space gray look is the typical design you are going to get from most Apple models of this kind. Keypad is nice and smooth while it’s easy to understand…and also easy to see the Touch Bar. Models like these usually come with a bright smooth screen, and this one doesn’t disappoint. The laptop, as a whole, is a little heavier than expected, but some may enjoy the solid feel, it being as sturdy as it is.


With this kind of speed in processors, you’re usually going to get a jacked up price with your purchase. However, this one is moderately priced and is worth it. You’re going to get more features than its predecessors and pretty much pay the same thing. Much like the Apple MacBook Pro 16” Apple Laptop, the price is just about in line with all of Apple‘s previous MacBook Pro’s, yet can still be considered affordable. If you’re looking in this price range for a new laptop, this is one you should definitely consider.

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Apple MacBook 13 inch 2 3GHz 256GB Wrap Up

The Apple Macbook 13 Inch 2 3ghz 256gb is a high powered, lightning fast thin laptop that offers excellent graphics with speed and accuracy. There is impressive storage for all your videos, pictures, TV shows, movies, and much more. The Dual Intel core processor is going to give you the turbo boost you need with up to 3.6 GHz of power. If you’re looking for a new laptop with all of this plus an excellent battery life, this is one to consider for yourself or anyone in the family.

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