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The AOC cq32g1 monitor provides an immersive gaming experience through its 31.5” full HD curved screen size. It comes with AMD Freesync Premium technology which eliminates any annoying screen tearing and provides smooth transitions during games. This is the number one model on our list for the Best Freesync Gaming Monitors.

Why We Like It – AOC CQ32g1

The AOC cq32g1 is a monitor with a quad HD resolution that will immerse you in your video games. It has a wide contrast ratio so you can enjoy colors more accurately and vividly. The 1ms response time on this gaming monitor gives you an edge during any matches.

  • 80,000,000:1 contrast ratio is great for producing better image quality
  • The low blue mode may alleviate eye fatigue during content marathons
  • PS4 technology not maximized through this type of display screen


The 31.5” inch display runs at a refresh rate of 144hz and a response time of 1ms which can give you an edge in any competitive video game. The curved display has an adjustable stand that you can tilt to your preference. It has a low blue mode that limits the amount of blue light exposure to our eyes. If you would like to check out the runner up on our list, feel free to check out the AOC agon ag322qc4 monitor.

Viewing angle

The 31.5” inch display gives you a viewing angle of 178 degrees. It has a quad HD resolution of 2560×1440. It uses a VA panel, which is known for producing slower response times and does not have the best viewing angles so be wary of these details before purchasing and read customer reviews on these issues. If you are not enjoying this model so far, you may want to check out alternative monitors like the AOC g2460pf g sync.


Most of these high performing monitors are set to last a long time, so durability will be no issue. The biggest issue may be just ensuring that it does not go through any physical harm. For all internal concerns, you have an extended warranty with AOC that gives you 3 years of protection from any dead pixels or any advance replacements needed, and also one time courtesy coverage for any accidental damage. If you are not sold on this product yet, it may be time to check out something else like the Viewsonic xg2402.


This monitor has a DisplayPort HDMI cable port, but it does not include a VGA port for analog technology. There is also an audio out port included. The HDMI ports support 1.4 and 2.0 devices which will provide crisp image quality during any gaming performance.


The curved design on this screen will immerse any player into their game and let them enjoy the graphic engineering through a detailed perspective. Aside from the picture quality, the monitor comes with a great warranty that will come in handy for even accidental damage. For the most dedicated marathon users, the eye car technology will let you enjoy your video games with fewer eye irritations. Did I mention the contrast ratio of 80 million to 1 which is extraordinarily high? This will make visual images more accurate and vivid.

AOC CQ32g1 Wrap Up

The AOC cq32g1 is a great gaming monitor because it gives you a fast refresh rate and response time along with an unbeatable warranty. It is geared more towards a PC type of gamer, so console users like the PS4 may not benefit from all its abilities so be wary that the console can fully utilize the specs on your monitor before purchasing.

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